Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*So I’ve worked out this deal with my friend Petrice where I’ll watch her kids a few times a week while she goes to the gym, and, in return, she got me a month pass to the rec center (which I mentioned that I really wanted in last week’s Tell-All). This morning commenced the tradeoff, and it started off with a bang as her one-year-old daughter peed all over me, her son whimpered every time I looked at him, and Petrice was the only one to show up for her Zumba class. On the bright side, I had about 45 minutes to read The Count of Monte Cristo before the kids woke up, and I was reassured that I’m not ready to be a parent. A pretty productive hour, I’d have to say.

*No, but really–this tradeoff is AWESOME because we basically both get exactly what we want. I took advantage of my pass and went to my first yoga class in ages last night. Man, I didn’t realize that yoga was the kind of thing where you have to keep up on it in order to be able to do all the moves at will…

*Speaking of yoga, I taught a mini yoga class for our church’s young women’s activity last week. Never mind that I’d never taught a yoga class in my life–I had a blast bossing people into pretzel-like shapes! In fact, I now have a new life goal: become a certified yoga instructor.

*That really is my new life goal. I’ve looked into it online and everything.

*I’m super excited for the two weddings we have this weekend. I solemnly promise that I will take so many pictures that you’ll get sick of looking at them all.

*Our water is shut off again all day today. What is UP with that? And shouldn’t it be illegal to warn us off this outage less than 12 hours in advance?

*So you know how we were planning on going to San Diego this summer? Well, we’re not going anymore. I’m totally bummed about it. We were maybe going to go to St. George with my family too, but that’s also a no-go. It pretty much makes me hate Matt’s calc class all the more, since it is the sole cause of all this disappointment.

*But, on the bright side, he has fewer than four weeks left of it! That means we only have roughly 90-100 or so hours left of calculus homework before he is done forever!

*Why does that not make me feel any better?

*I don’t have much else to say today. I blame my grumbling stomach and my scarily strong desire to watch last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

*On a closing note, here is a picture of me looking like I’m as fast as The Flash.


*Peace out.

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