Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I don’t know exactly how it happened, but all of a sudden, everything in the entire world is GREEN. One minute I was taking my runs amidst bare trees and muddy parking lots, and now I’m marveling at all the shade that I now so desperately need as I take my 4-mile runs. I love the changing seasons. (Except, of course, when that season is changing to winter–I don’t think I’ll ever like that.)

*This morning, Matt and I caught a matinee showing of The Avengers with the anniversary money we got from my grandma. It’s the weirdest thing–usually I’m not a big superhero-movie fan (I outright hated Iron Man), but I have loved Thor, Captain America, and now The Avengers. I don’t know what it is that makes these particular superhero movies so much more appealing to me, but I’ll take it. (I somehow think that the fact that I was on my honeymoon the first time I watched Thor might have something to do with it.) Have you seen The Avengers yet?

*Matt and I collectively decided that a Tuesday noon-time showing is the perfect time to go catch a popular movie. We’d gone last night to go see it, but it was sold out by the time we got there a mere 20 minutes before showtime. I’ve been sensing a pattern here lately–first, there was our unpopulated, almost-uninterrupted hike up to the Wind Caves yesterday, and now the half-empty movie theater. Might it be because other people actually have jobs and school and lives going on at that hour? Shocking.

*After we caught the movie, Matt actually did have to go off to work, but I had decided previously to just run home from the movie theater, since it’s only about 4 miles away from the house, and I’ve needed to get back on the running horse (figuratively speaking, of course), especially since I was miserably sick all last week with a mind-numbing head cold. So run on home I did, and boy was I regretting it about 3 miles in, when I was dying in the 80-degree heat, and my tongue thought it would never see the light of water again.

*Sometimes I wonder if I really did run that marathon. It all just seems too incredible to be real sometimes.

*Since the movie was sold out last night, we made a little pit stop at the grocery store to pick up some chocolate and a movie we could watch at home, and I decided that I just HAD to buy a little plant for my container garden that has been sitting so lonely and bare in front of my house since fall. Remember this His/Hers post from last year? Well, I think I’ll be doing an update here on those little gardens here on the bloggie right quick…

*Since I’m now the leader over all the young women in the ward, I had a nice little surprise during my orientation meeting last week: I’m going to girls’ camp at the end of July. Eeeek! I’m WAYYY too excited about it…

*So last year, I did my Before/After post for when I lost 10 pounds, right? And then I said that I still had a little ways to go before I got down to my pre-Freshman-15 weight? Well, I am happy to report that I’m almost there. And even though I’m actually pretty darn happy with the shape I’m in right now, I might just be doing a “Hey, I finally reached my Ideal Weight” post. I just thought that was pretty cool. That’s all.

*Matt’s last day at the beef plant is this Friday, and even though it means that neither one of us will be working (until I find a teaching job, that is), I’m really excited for him. Although I will be sad to see the end of these funny posts on his blog…

*Speaking of jobs, I had a job interview last week with this all-boys prep school down in Brigham City. Even though it would be a major challenge, I would be totally thrilled if I got it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?

*Man, these posts just seem to get longer and longer every week. What’s been going on with you lately?

(picture of me at the Wind Caves yesterday–such a fun day!)

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