Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All


*I am probably a little obsessed about the color combination of blue and grey. I think I wear it at least three times a week. But how can I help it, when it’s just so darn easy?

*America’s Next Top Model started three weeks ago. How is it that I just found out about it this last weekend? COME ON, PEOPLE!

*Speaking of ANTM though, I’m a little disappointed with the whole theme running behind this season. I think they must be losing fans or something because all of this stuff they keep changing (first the petite season, then the All-Star season, and now this Yanks vs. Brits thing). I think it’s just dragging the whole thing down. Why can’t good things just always stay the same?

*Although I know I’m abnormal when it comes to my freakish love of books, I think I still try and give the average human being the benefit of the doubt when it comes to recognition of classic literature. However, lately my faith has been growing dimmer and dimmer, as evidenced by the following two examples:

-The other day I was at the plasma center, deeply engrossed in reading Great Expectations (side note: this is about the fifth time I’ve tried to take this sucker on. It’s my mom’s favorite book of all time, so I know it must be amazing, but I just have never been able to make it through it. But I think this time’s the winner). My phlebotomist came over to me and started trying to distract me while he was getting ready to yank the needle out of my arm. He casually asked me what I was reading. After I replied, he looked at the book blankly and said, “Oh. Never heard of it.” Obviously I must be no good at hiding any sort of emotion because he could definitely tell that I was surprised. Then he tried to recover by saying something like, “Well who’s it by?” After I replied, “Charles Dickens–the same guy who wrote A Christmas Carol and A Tale of Two Cities,” he just gave an awkward laugh and then hastily moved on to the next patient. The incident bugged me for the rest of the evening. Actually, let’s be honest–it’s still bugging me today.

-The other week I went to the job fair on campus, just to have a gander at all the different careers that I am not educated for and have no chance of getting into. Since there didn’t seem to be many booths that offered anything that even remotely could coincide with my degree, I decided to go stop at the State of Utah’s booth to see what was available as far as education went. One of the ladies kindly offered me the names of some contacts I could get in touch with for more information. One of the last names was “Fitzgerald,” and I casually asked, “Oh, like the author? [meaning the spelling].” She gave me a puzzled look and asked, “What author?” To which I replied, “F. Scott Fitzgerald.” She shrugged. When I then offered, “He was the one who wrote The Great Gatsby,” she gave an uncomfortable laugh that gave herself away, and I walked away feeling morose, all faith lost in the average American.

*Matt somehow convinced me to start playing Angry Birds on Facebook. Although I think the game is absolute rubbish (and quite possibly the most ridiculous time-waster known to man), I somehow find myself coming back and playing it over and over again…can they put drugs into computer games?

*Tomorrow is this big Teacher Fair thing on campus where all the school districts from all over the state come and do interviews and do networking among the students at  USU. Can I just be bluntly honest and say that I am scared to death? I want a teaching job SOOO bad after I graduate (just because I think it would kill me to have experienced a job that I love so very much only to have to go back and work in an office), and tomorrow is kind of a big deal. I have been stressing over it all week, even though in all reality, it probably won’t inhibit or increase my chances very much of getting a job here in Cache Valley. But you never know. Which is why I am going tomorrow, armed and dangerous with my three letters of recommendation and updated resume, fully prepared to expect nothing yet hope for a miracle. Yikes.

*Our friend Kayla is coming to stay with us tonight, since she is also coming to the Teacher Fair tomorrow. You know what this means…CATAN!!

*I currently have 3 full-size candy bars in my purse and a 4.5-mile run to complete. Do you think they’ll balance each other out?

*We finally busted out the Kitchen-Aid my sister gave us for our wedding, and can I just say that I don’t think I’ve ever really baked before this moment? This machine is amazing, and it makes me want to cook from dawn until dusk. (And I would, too, if it wasn’t for the stupid clean-up…).

*I didn’t win the writing contest that I entered a couple months ago. Although I’m trying not to get bummed out over it, I am. I was going to use the million billion dollars I would have gotten to go towards a new camera. Oh well. The show must go on.

*Today I moved this girl from where she had been sitting next to her very-recently-dubbed boyfriend to a table all by herself in the classroom (since I was sorely tempted to kick them both out of class if they wouldn’t be quiet and work already). From the furious reaction I got from the students, you’d think I would have ripped a family apart or something. It reminded me of that line in Dan in Real Life: “You’re a murderer of LOVE!” And so there you go, folks–that’s me: Mrs. Murderer-of-Love herself.

*I went to the caucus meetings last Thursday, just like I said I would. And you know what? I’m really glad I did. I firmly resolve from this time forward to be much more involved in my community than I have hitherto been. My only complaint? Someone totally should have brought cupcakes.

*Well, I have been putting off my run far too long as it is. Best get up and go at ’em. Right after I snarf down one of these candy bars…


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