Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, Wednesday Edition

*Okay, so I know that a Tuesday Tell-All on a Wednesday is not exactly accurate (unless, of course, all my telling was about Tuesday). But yesterday was a little on the rough side, okay? I had to have a come-to-Jesus talk with  my Creative Writing class (after which no one dared to move, much less talk), I had an unexpected meeting of sorts (that ended up being over an hour long) after school, meaning I didn’t get home until 6, and I was really worried about a student after reading some of the dark things he’d written on an exam. All in all, I was in sore need tor a Diet Dr. Pepper and some good snuggling when I came home. Hence the reason why I get to grace your Wednesday with a Tuesday Tell-All 🙂

*Monday was Matt’s birthday, and I’m still trying to decide which was my favorite : how excited he got that I wrapped his present in the comics (in true Meidell fashion–he’s glad he’s finally turned me into one of them) or the fact that at Texas Roadhouse, I slyly told our server that it was his birthday just so we could get the free ice cream (and so Matt would have to get up on the saddle while everyone gave out their best hick-like “Yee-haw”).

*I mean, just look at his face: it’s so clearly saying–‘I can’t believe you actually made me do this. You are so getting it later, missy.” Tee hee hee.

*In other news, I cleaned our whole kitchen on Monday. It was nothing short of a miracle. (Remember this post on my messy kitchen? Well, it had gotten about four times as bad as that). I am such a failure at being a good housewife.

*Except when it comes to cooking. I can do cooking.

*Speaking of cooking, remember how I said yesterday was not the greatest? Well, I came home and started looking around for something to make for dinner, and I realized we had quite a bare little fridge. I frantically racked my brain (and my favorite cookbook) for some miracle I could make out of nothing. When I finally came across a recipe that looked good and that was quick, I started pulling everything out and preparing things…only to realize a little later that I did not have the key ingredient. At this point, I believe I got a little frustrated. I might have even (accidentally) thrown a spatula on the ground. So, at almost 8 o’clock last night, I dragged Matt with me to the grocery store for company and proceeded to map out how much food I could buy with only $9 (thank goodness payday is Friday, eh?). End of the story: our dinner wasn’t finished until fifteen minutes before I went to bed.

*Oh well. Better late than never.

*In happy news, we had no fewer than THREE babies born between both of our extended families last week. I’ve been seeing all the pictures online and through picture messages in my phone and just freaking out because we don’t get to see them for a few weeks yet. BABY MANIA!!

*Also in happy news, my birthday is on Saturday, and we have got some AWESOME plans. Be excited for me, friends. Be very excited. Hint: ir involves Aggie ice cream and screaming my lungs out. Plus a new Mexican restaurant. And maybe–just maybe–the new season of Big Bang that just came out. (Pretty please?)

*Have I mentioned before that I’m teaching mini ballroom dance lessons every Thursday and Friday to some of my students? Have I also mentioned how completely hilarious it is? I think my favorite part is when it comes time to pair everyone up because what happens is this: since we have more girls than boys, all the girls pair up with their friends and the boys are just left standing there, looking around with bewildered looks on their faces. Then I have to break up some of the double-girl partnerships and the girls give me these looks like, “Really? You’re  making me dance with this boy?” It’s pretty much awesome.

*Also, the kids FLIP. OUT. every time I try to model how to do some of the hip swinging (like in salsa). They giggle and point and freak out like I’m doing the weirdest thing ever. I wish they could see themselves in their little robot-dancing state–THEN they would know who looks the funniest.

*While on hall duty, a student (not mine) comes right up to me and scrutinizes my face really closely for about 30 seconds before he asks, “Are you a teacher?” When I respond in the affirmative, he scampers off. Later, he peeks his head around the corner and yells, “You shouldn’t be a TEACHER–you  look like a STUDENT!” Then  he giggled like a maniac and ran off. Middle schoolers.


*Okay, I’ve got a meeting I’ve got to run off to (since I’m totally doing this in the morning before school starts. But hey–it’s a late-start day). Hope you have a fabulous middle-of-the-week day!

*Please feel free to share with me your own little tell-all bits. It would honestly make my whole day!

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