Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I was just mentioning to my mother-in-law the other day how we’d better take some new family pictures soon because everyone’s little family (except ours) has changed since we last took some two years ago (every single one of my sisters-in-law has had a baby in the past year–crazy sauce!), and this is what happens:

*We finally got our own Internet again. Hurrah! No more having to go to extreme lengths to get my blogging done 🙂

*(Even if it does mean that I now have an extra bill of $35/month. Boo.)

*So there’s this machine in the copy room at work, and it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever–it looks like an oversized magazine rack, and you put in your copies after they come out of the copy machine. After pushing “on,” the rack starts vibrating like crazy, and all your papers magically get moved into the neatest little stack you ever did see. It’s pretty much my favorite contraption ever.

*We had some new neighbors move in a few weeks ago, and their two kids just came by asking if we want to buy some homemade cookies. Um, yes. We’ll take about two billion, please.

*In case you were wondering how my spring break went, I’ll tell you this: it was good. Not quite as mind-blowing as the “faux spring break” I took with Matt where we went to Bryce, but good enough. I really hardly did anything too noteworthy, but that’s kind of how I like life a lot of the time.

*One thing I am bummed I didn’t do though was get my early vegetables into the ground. I had been fully planning on it, but I ran into two problems: one, I majorly tweaked my back when I went running on my first day of break, and two, it was raining pretty much the entire weekend. So it looks like my little vegetable garden is just going to have to wait until we finally get some dry weather again.

*Beyond the garden though, I really haven’t minded the rain. I’ve quite liked the smell of spring it brings to all corners of my apartment.

*Now that my students and I are all back from the break, we have a LONG haul until the end of the school year–we don’t have another break until the very last week of school (Memorial Day). So pretty much I just have a month of test-prep and end-of-levels ahead of me, and then the last little stretch before summer. I’m trying really, really hard to be mature about the whole thing and not count down, but I sort of can’t help myself.

*I finished another book this week: President Thomas S. Monson’s biography. Amazing.

*(P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions on my “March Reading” book post. I’m eagerly looking into all of your recommendations.)

*The big Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale that we look forward to every year is in two weeks. We’ve already had a talk about how much we’re going to allow ourselves to spend. We seriously have a book problem.

*(Just wait until my organization project that has to do with books–you’ll see. We’re crazies.)

*My sister Sarah is due to have her baby any day now. Woo hoo! BABIES!

*And, in response to a question I got from a friend in El Salvador referring to the picture on yesterday’s post of me and all my cousins, NO, I am not pregnant. That picture apparently just didn’t catch me at a flattering angle, lol.

*Seriously, though, let me be straight with you–it sometimes feels like everybody and their puppy is getting pregnant and/or having babies these days. Good thing I’m not the type to feel too left out on stuff like that (whereas on books that everyone’s talking about–that’s a different story). And the whole concept of being baby hungry? Still foreign to me. Guess I just need to grow up a little more. Are you baby hungry? If so, when did it first hit you?

*Anywho, congrats to all you prego people and all you just-delivered people. Just throwin’ that out there!

*And happy Tuesday to everyone else 🙂



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