Running, Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, Post-Marathon Edition

*Besides the bragging rights (and the fact that it’s been on my life’s to-do list for over a decade), one of the main reasons I was most excited to run a marathon was for the shirt. No, I’m serious—I have always wanted me a nice, spandex running shirt that I knew I had earned in some way. The shirts from this year’s marathon did not disappoint–for some reason, they even kind of reminded me of The Hunger Games. Pretty nifty, eh?
*Do you like how I made my marathon shirt school-appropriate? Since I’m supposed to dress professional and all (and since I promised my students I would come in wearing my marathon shirt yesterday), I thought I would dress it up a bit. I personally thought the look was a keeper. But then again, I think that maxi skirts are code for not having to shave and shoes should not be required anywhere, so who am I to say?
*During the marathon, there was this one sign that someone was holding up near Mile 23 that said, “Toenails are for Sissies.” Matt read it aloud to me as we went plodding along, and I tried to smile, but I thought I was going to die so I didn’t say much. Anyway, it turns out that I’m pretty sure I did, in fact, lose a toenail or two during the marathon. I mean, I’ve been too scared to take off my nail polish and check it out (for fear of the dreaded black toenail), but I’m pretty sure I had to have killed my big toenail because it sure hurts like you-know-where.
*I actually got a black toenail during marathon training, too. Gross, huh? At first I thought I was the only one in the world with such a disgusting mishap, but it turns out that it’s pretty common. Phew. Maybe I’m more normal than I thought.
*I haven’t been as sore as I thought I would be from the Big Race–I mean, my first 18-miler wiped me out for about 2 weeks, so I expected that 26.2 miles would  lie me down flat and run me over. But surprisingly, I’m actually feeling pretty great. My calves are a little tight when I go downstairs, but I’m almost feeling back to normal. In fact, I would totally go out and run today if it wasn’t for the fact that I have about 70 papers to grade before tomorrow. Yuck.
*Student teaching ends this week, and I just keep telling myself I only need to survive this week and I’ll be fine. The problem is, I decided to make this major writing assignment due on my last day of student teaching, which pretty much guarantees that I’ll still be at the school next Monday at the same time as usual, taking late work and grading papers. It’s my own fault, really: I’m a bit of a masochist.
*I was going to tell you my new calling today, but I still haven’t been called yet. So you’ll just have to wait until next week.
*I thought I would totally be freaking out about the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing on the job front for either the summer or the next two years, but I’ve been feeling surprisingly calm about the whole thing (probably because I haven’t been working this whole semester and we’ve still managed to survive). I just figure that something has to come up eventually, so I haven’t started worrying. Yet.
*Last weekend, we went out to eat 3 nights in a row. This hasn’t happened to me since right before my mission, when my dating life all of a sudden decided to just take off. Note to future marathon runners: Texas Roadhouse is an excellent dinner for the night before a marathon :). Many thanks to my in-laws for taking us there, and to my own mother for treating us to Leatherby’s sundaes after the race!
*I really need to go grocery shopping. You want to know what finally made me absolutely sure that we have “no food in the house?” The fact that we were out of cheese. I’m surprised we’re still alive right now to tell about it.
*Summer tuition for Matt is due tomorrow, and I’d almost rather run another full marathon tomorrow than pay $1900 for two classes…
*I had a sickening thought hit me last night around 9 PM: all of mine and Matt’s favorite television shows to watch are quickly coming to their season’s end. What on earth will we DO?! I mean, Matt has already read 5 books in the last week and a half and I’ve read almost two…This must mean it’s time to take up a  new hobby. Or a new television show. Any suggestions?
*Do I REALLY have to look over all these essays by tomorrow? Boo, boo, and boo.
*Peace out. Here’s hoping that your Tuesday is not nearly as paper-loaded as mine.

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