Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, Holiday Wrap-Up Edition

*Well, here we are–at the last of the holidays. I have to go back to work tomorrow (boo!), but I guess I can’t complain too much, seeing as though I’ve had over a week off. Did you have to work today?

*Our Christmas this year was divine–not only did we get uber-spoiled gift-wise, but we got to spend oodles of time with each and with our loved ones, which is what matters most anyway. I think I’m going to have withdrawals when I go back to teaching tomorrow since I won’t get to be with Matt 24/7 anymore.

*So you wanna know the coolest gift I got? Well, my mom being the awesome lady she is, she sent in all the emails/letters that I sent home weekly on my mission and had them published into a super awesome, hardback book (with pictures and a glossy cover and everything). It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten, and I simply adore it. What was your favorite gift this year?

*One Christmas tradition I particularly love is one my mom does called our “Jerusalem dinner.” Even though the foods we eat aren’t exactly what the people in ancient Jerusalem ate in the olden days, we still enjoy eating a finger-foods meal (sometimes eaten on the floor) and watching a Christmas movie together as a family. This year we watched The Santa Clause (which I had never seen), and we had such fun. Love that tradition!

*One thing that Matt got us as one of our “Santa gifts” was the 8-disc complete Harry Potter collection. Needless to say, you can well imagine how most of our holiday has been spent thus far…

*K, let’s talk a minute about this pesky thing known as holiday weight gain. I mean, no matter how determined I am to not put on the pounds during this two-week span, I usually do a miserable job at keeping that little resolution. And this year was no different, although I’m feeling pretty lucky to have only put on about 3 pounds.

*Of course, Matt didn’t put on any. Boo.

*Last weekend for a young women’s outing, we went down to Temple Square with the darling Milly. We had loads of fun (despite the cold!) eating at City Creek in Salt Lake, checking out the lights and the Christus statue, and playing games til past midnight at my mom’s house. My church calling’s so great–it lets me feel like I’m 17 again!

*(Side note: we’re super excited because this year, we’re going to have no fewer than FIVE young women. That seems like a million after having just one for so long!)

*So Matt and I had quite the New Year’s Eve–and by that, I mean we had a very quiet evening all in all. We puttered around the apartment (cleaning and such) until 9, when we joined our friends the Shipleys for some board games until almost one. We were so engrossed in our game of Munchkin that we didn’t even realize it was midnight until we heard the fireworks outside announcing the new year. But even though it was a little less eventful than some years, it was really quite lovely to spend a quiet evening with good company and all our leftover Christmas goodies.

*How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

*All in all, our holidays were both crazy busy and relaxing, and we’re sad to see that they’re over. At least we only have to wait until summer before another big break. Man I love being a teacher 🙂

*I’m beyond excited to get a full start on my New Year’s resolutions. I’ll start posting on my main resolution tomorrow (which, in case you just can’t wait, you can learn more about here), but I’ve got a couple other ones up my sleeve, too. Happy New Year, everyone!

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