Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I attempted to go on a photo walk all by myself on Sunday right before church–I was determined to get a picture of some of the magnolia blooms that are all over the place right now. And you know what? They’re everywhere right now until you go looking for one that wouldn’t be totally creepy for you to go shoot. Long story short, I was only able to get about four pictures that I even kinda liked. Guess that’s what I get for going without Matt…

*Remember a couple weeks ago, when I said I was all proud of myself for going into Old Navy and walking out without having made a single purchase? Well, the $50 for $15 deal was just too good and started eating away at my brain…so I ended up going online and getting it there. Mwa ha ha!

*Sad truth: my Old Navy package supposedly was delivered to me yesterday, but I still haven’t gotten it. I swear, someone will be feeling my wrath if it doesn’t turn up pronto…and I mean pronto…

*Today was the longest day of teaching ever, and then I finally figured out why: it’s because I actually worked nonstop through my three entire prep periods. Crazy what that will do to you.

*So I’ve had a student ask me every single morning for a week now when he can transfer out of my class and when he can get his “real” teacher back. Honest little buggers. Gotta love ’em.

*News flash: I actually got my run done BEFORE doing this blog post. You should be very proud.

*There hasn’t been a new episode of “Once Upon a Time” for two weeks straight now. I think I might die from deprivation. Or from the cleaning that I tend to do when there’s nothing to watch. Remember what happened last week?

*I’m getting a new church calling. Too bad you’ll have to wait until next week to hear what it is.

*I’m listening to the audiobook of Quiet, this brilliant new nonfiction book about the power introverts have had in shaping the world. Considering that for most of my life, I’ve been a closet introvert, I have found this book absolutely fascinating, not to mention soul-gratifying. I mean, for years I’ve felt guilty for some of my less-social preferences, but now I finally feel validated. I’ve loved listening to the book so much that I’ll probably end up buying it, just so I can re-read some of my favorite passages. I’m such a nerd.

*After taking a week off from donating plasma, I was back at it again yesterday. Is it sad that it felt a bit like coming home?

*I just had an insane urge to go and eat some of the sea salt caramel ice cream in our freezer, but I’m trying to really watch my diet this week, what with the marathon being Saturday and all. So now comes the real game: how long can Torrie last against sea salt caramel ice cream calling her name?

*I have just over a week of student teaching left, and I’m done forever. Now that’s weird.

*Still no luck with my job search. I have heard, though, that there might be a position opening up at the alternative high school, and I think I might go for it. I figure it can’t be any harder than teaching middle schoolers, right?

*Matt has to take some classes over the summer, and I almost died when I saw the cost: $1800 for just two classes. That is how much my entire first semester at college cost, and I took 21 credits. What gives?

*So I keep reading all this stuff on Facebook about an earthquake, or a pseudo-earthquake or something. Huh?? Someone should enlighten me.

*Anyway, I’m feeling some rare motivation to clean right now, so I figure I’d best go take advantage of it before it passes.

What has been happening in your life on this sunny Tuesday?

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