Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Here’s what I brought you for show and tell today: my absolute favorite outfit! (Too bad I don’t have stirrup leggings and oversized plaid shirts anymore, because you’d better BELIEVE those would be my favorite outfits otherwise). I think I’ve worn this particular combo about five times in the last month (to different locations, of course). But now that my secret is out, promise me you won’t think less of me for wearing the same clothes in the same way over and over again. Basically I just get tired of trying to think of new combinations. So when I find one that works, I stick with it.

*Kind of like this blue shirt from Old Navy–it’s my favorite style of shirt that I’ve ever found, and the second I found that out, I ran back to the store and bought it in every color they had (which, unfortunately, was only 3 different kinds). What can I say? When something works, I use it over and over again. Come on–I know you’re the same way. Right? Right?

*So I don’t think I’ll ever get over feeling weird about going outside and taking these random outfit pictures. For starters, the second you train a camera on me, I start laughing like an idiot. Then I wonder what to do with my hands. And then I fall down in the snow because I’m laughing so hard. It’s a problem, I tell ya. And I’m sure my neighbors think I’m insane.

*Why DO us bloggers do outfit pictures anyway? To prove we got up and got dressed? To stroke our vanity? To show Stacy London that, unlike some people, we do actually know how to put together a semi-presentable outfit?
*It will forever remain a mystery. 
*But on to other matters. Can I just say how STOKED I am over our pantry makeover? I’m so stinking excited about it, and hopefully you’ll be able to tell why when I post before/after pics tomorrow.
*One happy consequence of the pantry makeover was that I re-found all the stuff that I’d forgotten about, like this marsala sauce my friend Petrice had made and canned for me. Last night, I whipped that stuff up into one of the best dinners we’ve had in months. Amazing. (If you’re interested in the sauce, you should check out her blog and leave her a message asking if she’ll sell you any. Trust me–it’s worth it!)
*On a more serious note, I had a really awesome experience last night. I’ve gotten into researching my family history/genaeology, and I’ve never known who my great-great-grandparents were on my dad’s side. So many people had been trying to search for them for years (my mom, my grandpa, my dad, my cousins, etc.), but to no avail. Then, last night, I miraculously came across a previously-unseen marriage certificate of my great-grandparents, and I found them! I definitely know it’s no coincidence that I “happened” onto this information a month after my grandpa died. He had been searching for his grandparents his whole life, so I think he was pulling some strings for me on the other side. 
*Seriously–it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I LOVE family history–it’s like one huge, intricate puzzle that just begs to be figured out. 
*In other news, I’ve been reading Eat Pray Love for the past week or so, and surprisingly, I’m really getting a lot out of it. I’m always wary of reading books that have gotten super popular (especially ones based on true experiences), but I’ve really liked this one. It’s made me re-evaluate some things in my own life that I wouldn’t mind shaking up a bit, and that’s always a good sign in a book. Have you read it?
*Since bringing our old microwave to my classroom, I’ve pretty much become the hermit of the school (since I no longer go to the faculty room to eat my lunch). That’s what I’m doing now, actually–enjoying the pure bliss of a silent classroom while eating leftover mashed potatoes and chicken. Heavenly.
*So last week, I bought a huge bag of candy to try and bribe my students into turning in their homework. I told them that any time 90% of a class turned in their homework assignment, every class member would get candy. Needless to say, it hasn’t happened yet (although the numbers have overall improved). The problem is, for every day they don’t reach that goal, I eat about 4-5 pieces of the dang stuff. So, if they ever actually do make it . . . there might not be any left. 
*That’s what I get for buying the Child’s Play bag, which includes my favorite candy of all time (Tootsie Rolls). Stupid of me, I know.
*I had the most bizarre dream last night where I was almost forced into marrying one of my ex-boyfriends as a kind of arranged-marriage thing. I was seriously almost panicking in the dream, and I just kept thinking, “Where’s Matt? Why doesn’t anyone SAY anything?!” It was bizarre. Do you ever have dreams like that? Maybe I’m just crazy.

How’s your February been treating you so far? (Way better than January, right? Yeah, I thought so!)

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