Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*Wanna know one of my favorite places to relax? In front of one of our bookshelves. Just sitting there. I can’t even describe what it is, but I just love running my eyes over the titles, dreaming of the books I’ll be reading soon (or not so soon). Every few minutes, I’ll pull down a random book from the shelf and just read a paragraph or two, as a teaser.

*I’m a book freak, okay?

*In other news, we leave for our cruise on Friday. I’m actually a little stressed out about it–we didn’t find out until AFTER we’d left Logan (we’re in Bountiful for the week) that we needed to have black-tie-worthy formalwear. I mean, we’d brought some nice dressy clothes, but nothing THAT formal. So we’ve been running around like chopped chickens the past twenty-four hours and trying to get ourselves some formals together. Stressful, I tell you. Why can’t I just wear basketball shorts and vintage tees the whole cruise? Now THAT’S relaxing.

*We’ve also been trying to decide which excursions we’re going on, which is also kinda stressing me out. Basically until we’re on the cruise ship and sipping pina coladas, I’m probably going to be stressing over something. Am I the only one who does this before a vacation? Or is that totally weird?

*For the record, I am very grateful that we’re going on this cruise. So even though the packing and preparing stresses me out, I realize how lucky we are to get to go. Just throwing that out there.

*Wanna know what else I’ve got to do this week? Write two disclosures. I mean, as a student I hated disclosures, so I can only imagine how painful it’s going to be to actually write them. Anyone want to write them for me? Pretty please? I’ll bake you some brownies…

*I miss checking the mail when I’m not home. Yeah, I’m weird.

*Last week I read the latest Oprah magazine cover to cover in about three days.

*I’ve been trying to eat really healthy the past two weeks and slim down a couple pounds so that I counteract what’s inevitably going to happen on the cruise. I’ve heard of people coming back from cruises and gaining 10-15 pounds. Yeesh.

*My mom and I went to the family history library in Salt Lake yesterday, and it was pretty awesome–I was able to find quite a few things that had stumped me for a long time. Who knew family history could be so absolutely fascinating?

*Matt and I finally got the chance to watch some of the Olympics (since we’re in Bountiful now, staying with out parents, who actually have t.v.). I had almost forgotten how much I love watching them. I had also forgotten how tense I get watching them–I almost have to avert my eyes on some of the events because I can’t handle the pressure. And I LOVE watching the runners (probably because they look like someone has taken the remote control and pushed fast-forward). SO inspiring. What’s your favorite event to watch?

*Matt and I were at my grandma’s last night, and Matt brought up the fact that his brother and sister-in-law live in a haunted house (or so they think). Almost the second he brought it up, I had to leave the room because the last time we talked about it, I had horrid nightmares for weeks. So I’m in the other room, fititng a puzzle together, and I just hear them whispering their spooky little ghost stories to each other so I wouldn’t hear…ha ha ha. I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was.

*Well, I’m heading out now to go with my mother-in-law to look at camera lenses (for her, not for us, unfortunately). It’s only going to make me more camera-hungry than I already am. Welp, gotta go!

Have a happy Tuesday 🙂

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