Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*It is Halloween tomorrow, and I have no plans to dress up (although we can at my school). I did, however, “dress up” for Pajama Day  yesterday. Seriously–Best. Idea. Ever. Of course, I was seriously considering searching out some pillows and a blanket during prep to take a little snooze, but what do you do?

*Yesterday I was grading my students’ first attempts at writing an argument essay, and I bust up laughing so hard when one of my students actually wrote in the conclusion of her essay, “What now!” to rub in  her point. Awesome.

*I’m already counting down ’til Thanksgiving Break. I seriously can’t wait. I pretty much have turkey dreams every night now.

*I’ve been sick for almost a week now with a pesky cold, which has since developed into a very mucus-y cough. Each day when I wake up, I think how I should call in a sub. And each day, I drag myself out of bed because it’s way too much work to make a sub plan, and I just don’t want to take the time (plus yesterday I got a special treat in recognition because I hadn’t taken off any days yet from school, and now I feel like I have some kind of reputation to keep up). My poor students. I was so grouchy  yesterday that I was almost growling at them to be quiet. And then I was correcting this girl’s test who’s in my 5th hour, and one of her sentences that she’d written as an example said that I was her favorite teacher because I was so nice to everyone all the time. Then I just felt guilty.

*Pretty much I can be controlled by guilt. Anyone else the same way?

*I am positively addicted to the Sea Salt Caramel flavor of ice cream that Private Selections puts out (at Smith’s). Seriously–everyone has to try it. It’s pretty much the most delicious flavor of store-bought ice cream that exists. And I had some last night 🙂

*K, the current season of Big Bang Theory? Freaking hilarious. I think it’s one of the funniest seasons yet. Has anyone else been following it?

*I’m at the school now (it hasn’t started yet), and one of my students just came in and told me he’s going to be a proctologist for Halloween. These kids kill me. They just kill me.

*I’m starting a couple new projects that I’m excited to blog about. But if I tell you now, they won’t be a surprise. And we just can’t have that. What have you been working on in your life lately?

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