My Halloween Costume: Ms. Grouchy Pants

So, while all the children are out getting into their costumes and trick-or-treating and enjoying this wonderful holiday, guess what I’ve been doing all day?

Staying home sick from work.

I’ve had this nasty cold/cough for a week now, and after a particularly stressful day at the school yesterday, I decided that I needed to just take a day off so I could kick this sickness once and for all (and so Ms. Grouchy Pants could go back to where she belonged).

I am happy to report that after 12 hours of sleep last night, I am feeling considerably less grouchy and much more happy about passing out treats to the kids tonight.

Of course, if it’s anything like last year, I’ll also be enjoying quite a few of those treats myself when I only get a total of 3 trick-or-treaters.

Happy Halloween, indeed!

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