Work Tour

I figured it was about time I posted at least some small paragraph or two about the place where I now spend 50 hours a week. So, welcome to the 3-picture virtual tour of my workspace!

Above, you’ll find a practically-professional picture of my desk, which I am pretty much chained to from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Although my official title of “Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper” sounds all professional and fancy, I pretty much just sit around waiting for the phone to ring all day. And when it doesn’t ring, I try to look as busy as possible while having my SuDoKu and crossword puzzles in full view on my desk (and my guilty-pleasure style blogs up). Although on some days (like today), I actually get to do some real work, which just about makes me want to hug and kiss whoever it is that finally found something for me to do. Basically I’m just the-new-girl-what’s-her-name until everything’s a little less chaotic (or so I’ve been told).

The stylish hard hats you see above are a wardrobe staple around here. Even I, as the humble secretary, get to don one every once in a blue moon when I venture out to the greasy concrete shop in my heels to go track down someone who refuses to come down any other way. For the record, I secretly like wearing the hats.

And finally, this is what everyone else in the shop busts their backs doing every day from 4 in the morning until the sun goes down. Or, in other words, this is what all the real work looks like.

Not that I’m complaining at all. Overall, it’s been a good learning experience and I’ve already felt a little character-building happening as I conquer my dislike of phones. One thing’s for sure: I’m much happier working here than I am moping around the house looking for a job. And I’ve brushed up on my bookkeeping skills enough so that I can feel confident maneuvering around the newer and fancier versions of the older and not-as-fancy programs I worked with in the past.

Plus I get free chocolate.

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