New Semester

After last semester’s disastrous attempt at giving me a good education (5 Distance Education classes is never a good idea), I was as ready as an overdue baby for some major changes. So far, this semester hasn’t disappointed. For starters, I have real, live teachers in front of me in all of my classes, which is way more than I can say for 85% of my classes last semester (boy did I hate watching other people pick their noses on screen while I listened to a professor several counties over drone in monotone from the textbook). In addition, I felt my classes last semester were all far too easy and didn’t teach me many new skills at all. I think I’ve learned more in the three days of class I’ve had so far this week than I learned all last semester. Pretty great, eh?

So Spring 2011 will be universes different from Fall 2010. This is my first semester in the STEP program (Secondary Education program), so most of my classes involve teaching classroom management and lesson-planning skills, which I’m not nearly as familiar with as, let’s say, writing analytical papers. I’m also starting clinicals, which means that I get to go to Logan High School for six hours every week and observe and help teach in actual high school classrooms (intimidating, but exciting!). Oh, and did I mention the best part about this semester? My fiancee Matt is finally living up here in Logan!! Last semester was a bit of a mess with one of us having to drive back and forth every weekend, but I’m sure enjoying having him be so close to me (he lives just two floors down, in the same apartment building). I just feel so spoiled having him so close 🙂

Oh, and I also am getting extra hours at both of my jobs, which is helping me out a lot to ease the stress to having a lot of wedding/living costs coming up real soon. It’s going to be a great semester!

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