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Better Late Than Never {March 2024 Goals}

Yup, here we are, almost halfway through another month, and I’m just getting these up again. Remember when I used to get these up by the first?

The problem with waiting so long is that now I’m struggling to remember what happened in February. Let’s see…we celebrated Valentine’s Day a day late, as always. We harvested the first cut flower of the season out of the high tunnel. We enjoyed surprisingly mild weather, so we were able to get quite a lot of spring prep work done on the farm. I took on a temporary part-time job as a marketer for the guy who’s worked wonders on fixing my back.

And I feel like that’s about it…just busy busy!

I was smart to keep the goals list pretty simple, since I still didn’t get around to doing them all, as you’ll see.

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February Goals

  • File taxes
    • Technically these got filed March 1, but I had totally finished prepping them by the end of February, so I’m totally counting it.
  • Apply for pitch competition
    • I was invited to apply for another business pitch competition (think: similar to Shark Tank), which I did. I don’t know if I’ll advance to the finals or anything, but I figured it was worth a shot.
  • Finish through Module 3 in Floret course
    • I actually got pretty close on this one! I’m about two-thirds through Module 3.
  • Figure out if we can come to agreement on land with first option
    • Basically, and it’s a no go. So we’re back to the drawing board.
  • Finish 3 books
    • I only finished this one, and it was decidedly meh.

So we’re almost halfway through the “new” month already, but as far as general March plans, we only have a few —

  1. Get Naomi in for surgery to get ear tubes
  2. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Green Feast
  3. Open up compost sales for the farm and get a good headstart on spring prep
  4. Celebrate Easter at the end of the month

March Goals

  • Give everyone else a haircut
    • I desperately need a haircut too, but I don’t know that it will happen this month.
  • Take Onyx in for vaccinations
  • Finish through Module 4 in Floret course
    • Now that we’re hurtling towards spring, I’m going to be going even more slowly through this flower farming course than before. Ah, well. We’ll just do the best we can! We’ve already gotten some good ideas for infrastructure and bed prep even only halfway through.
  • Finish prepping all new in-ground beds (compost, landscape fabric)
    • We have four new in-ground beds at our own house this year, on top of the eighth of an acre or so that we’re renting from a neighbor. It will be a miracle if this gets done this month, but we’re working towards it anyway.
running barefoot in the snow
  • Order irrigation, buckets, and T-posts
    • Spring is soooooo expensive on a flower farm! We spend about two-thirds of our total annual budget during the months of January to March, it seems.
  • Put in peony root order for the fall
    • In addition to selling cut flowers, we’re also starting to offer more things for cut flower gardening to other growers in the area, mostly just because there just isn’t really much of anything like that down here.
  • Finalize farm and seed sowing plan
    • Third month’s the charm?
  • Finish 3 books

Better stop there so I’m not any later getting this out! How’s your March been so far? What kinds of spring goals do you have on your list?

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