Lyle & Ashley

The summer of weddings continued as on Friday, Matt and I had the chance to go to all the festivities of my cousin Lyle’s wedding (who, smart man–also married a teacher!).

One of my favorite things?

Ashley’s Dorothy-red shoes (check out the above picture!)

One thing I love about weddings (which used to make me sick, but now I just think it’s adorable) is how smiley the bride and groom are all day.  I remember that after Matt and I were done with all all of our own wedding celebrations, my face literally hurt from smiling so much. I think these two could probably say the same thing.
And I’ve got to say–this was one classy wedding. Red roses, black and white accents, and plenty of Aggie ice cream and cheesecake for all–that’s a pretty perfect combination, wouldn’t you say?

We wish Lyle and Ashley all the best!
(Oh, and we hope the two of you are ready for the Settlers of Catan tournament you promised us!)

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