Empty Desks in Connecticut

This morning, all of us teachers were instructed to teach  our students the drill for what to do if an active shooter should start going through the school.

As I saw the frightened, unsure looks on their 12- and 13-year-old faces, I could hardly bear it.

Being a teacher makes you part of the larger world of education, so everything having to do with schools hits home a little more, you could say.

Like so many, my heartfelt prayers are going out to all those families and community members in Connecticut who were affected by this terrible event. This whole tragedy shed a lot of light on one of my main responsibilities as an educator: to protect my students.

I thank my Heavenly Father for teachers and administrators such as those in Connecticut, who truly show by their love and example what it means to be a hero.

May the Lord be with their families during this difficult time.

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