Student Teaching Placement

I had meant to post this when I found out about it. But then I forgot because I somehow thought that I’d already done it. But then I remembered that I never did.
So I got my student teaching placement.
And I’m at a middle school.
The problem is, I never even WENT to a middle school.
What I mean is, when I went to that nightmarish in-between school, it consisted of grades 7-9 and was called junior high. And I hated it.
But now they’ve apparently invented middle school for grades 6-8 and left the 9th graders to fend for themselves in high school.
I could be teaching TWELVE-YEAR-OLDS, people. That’s crazy.
If I wanted to be an elementary teacher, I would have gone into elementary.
But after reflecting on it for the past two weeks and wearing everyone out with my complaining,
I decided I’d better just be happy about it because it means that I’m that much closer to getting to where I want to be: a graduated 25-year-old with a teaching license.
So there you go.
But if any of you have any encouragement for me, I won’t complain…
In fact, I could really use some.
Feel free to encourage away.

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