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mid-week boost: documenting life

I know I say this every week, but I’m super excited about having Mary from mary plus vince blogging here today! Mary’s blog was THE blog that made me want to start documenting my own life more by blogging; that’s why I think it’s so appropriate that she chose to write on this topic, because she’s so good at it!

hi! i’m mary from the blog mary plus vince, where i blog about my life and adventures with my husband. i’m so honored that torrie asked me to post for her mid-week boost series! i have a lot of passions in my life, which makes it hard to narrow it down to just one thing to write about. i am obviously super passionate about my relationship with my husband — he is my absolute best friend. i’m also very passionate about photography — but more so than that, i’m passionate about documenting life. so, i decided to kind of merge those passions and talk about documenting life.

i’ve always been a journaler. even before i could write by myself, my parents kept a journal for me where they would ask me what i wanted to say and they’d write it down word for word. i pretty much love reading those now, they are so hilarious. because lets be honest — kids are awesome. as i got older i went through journal after journal. at my height of journaling i think i’d go through one journal every 3 months!

i’ve also always loved taking pictures. from the time i could get my hands on a camera, i always had it with me and was constantly going through tons of rolls of film. i was always ready for those “kodak moments”, and because of that i have a lot of pictures from junior high and forward. so i will always remember the doofy hair cut i got in 8th grade, what my friends and I did to entertain ourselves on friday nights, and anything and everything else that happened to me.

in 2005 i started my blog. i was living at home, going to the university of utah, working a part time job, and waiting on a missionary. life was fun and exciting and i had a lot to document. a blog was the perfect way to do so! it was like writing in a journal, but so much easier and faster! by the end of 2005 i had met and started dating vince (not my missionary — so glad that didn’t work out!) and i had so much more to write about!

i love being able to look back and remember all sorts of things i am positive i’d forget about if i hadn’t taken a billion photos and written about in a journal or on my blog. for me, its like re-living those memories! what a treasure.

i sometimes get panic attacks — i don’t want to forget.

[not my image, original source here]

and so i keep on documenting life. i write about the small things and the big things. i take photos of what we ate, where we go, what we do. and years down the road, i can look back and i won’t have forgotten. its like a time machine! and my kids can read about our silly little adventures — trying to figure out adulthood and holding on to childhood; they can read about our struggles and our triumphs; they can learn from our mistakes. what an amazing gift for them!

if you aren’t a writer or a poet or a photographer or whatever else you can think of — it is ok (because heaven knows i’m not most of those things)! it doesn’t have to be deep or something breath-taking … what is important is just that you are documenting your life. take a few moments a day, or once a week, once a month — whenever! write it down, take more photos. just get to it! i promise, you will be so grateful years down the road that you did! 🙂
So true, Mary! I’m a bit of a journal freak myself, so I can definitely attest to the value of recording down our memories because I, for one, do not remember anything unless I write it down.
Thanks for sharing with us this week!
Now I just want to go out and take pictures of everything…

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