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Mid-Week Boost: Creating

Hey everyone–I’m really excited about my new weekly post idea: Mid-Week Boost! Each week, I’ll be asking a different person to write in and tell us one thing that he/she is passionate about. Since Wednesdays are usually the most blah day of the week, I thought that this would be a way to put a little spice in it and remind us all of the things we love in life (and also maybe get us interested in trying out new things). I’m excited to have Corina here today from Corina’s Corner: I checked out her blog a couple months ago and completely fell in love with her artwork and photography. Hope you enjoy!

Hello!  This is Corina from Corina’s Corner.  Torrie asked me to write the first edition of her new column, Mid-Week Boost.  She told me that she wants these posts to focus on what people are passionate about and what inspires them.    So I have been trying to think for the past week about what I am really passionate about and what I always come back to is that I am passionate about creating. No matter what it is, I love to create. I love to sew, paint, build, design, cook…the list goes on and on.

I love photography. I love the visual aspect of creating, capturing a beautiful moment, a colorful image, frozen in time to look back at forever.

I love sewing…bringing different pieces of fabric together to create a new piece that is more functional than the first.

I love cooking…(ok mostly eating…)

And my newfound love, painting…

I have always been creating. I have loved it since I was very little. I can’t exactly pin point when I first started creating, but I think what drew me in was a part inside of me, inviting me to be creative.

Occasionally it is challenging and frustrating, especially when I can imagine exactly what I want to create but I can’t figure out how to do it.  I know there’s always a way though, so I try not to get frustrated and move forward.

I am currently taking a wood shop class where I am building a TV stand.  Even though I find it extremely challenging, I love it.  I love taking a bowed piece of wood, that is rough and has water stains and completely transforming it, making it smooth, beautiful, and functional.

Creating for me is relaxing and helps me stay grounded.  I love having a project to work on, something I look forward to working on and finishing.  I think everyone should have some kind of a creative outlet, or hobby, something they enjoy doing, that can brighten their lives and the lives of others.

Thanks again, Corina! And while I’m here, if anyone has an interest in being a guest post-er for an upcoming Wednesday, go ahead and comment below or email me at [email protected]

Let me know what you think about the new column!

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