Attack of the Mutant Carrots

For a  few weeks now, Matt and I haven’t been able to stand even the thought of looking into our vegetable garden. We were so blessed with an overabundance of every kind of produce and so bogged down with the task of how to possibly USE it all that we swore we could never look a tomato in the face again (much less eat one) after this year.

But this last weekend, we and the garden had had enough time apart that we repented of our past neglect and decided to see what kind of mischief she’d been up to these past few weeks.

You wanna know what happens when you decide to neglect an overabundant vegetable garden during peak produce time?


The craziest thing about the whole situation is that this bumper crop of mutant carrots is only the tip of the orange iceberg—we still have half a carrot row left to harvest, and we just discovered while chopping up these root wonders that just ONE of those giants is enough to feed a family of four for Sunday dinner.

No joke.

I feel like had we left the carrots any longer, they would have sprouted legs and started to develop minds of their own.

Oh wait….

P.S. Thanks for being understanding about my little break from blogging—it was just the rejuvenation I needed to feel like myself again. The break also gave me a good opportunity to see how much I (still) love blogging—because of my years of doing blog posts, I found that I was much more conscious of the little details of daily living that make me happy, a skill I was particularly glad I’d developed last week when the stress of my job hit big-time. (Plus it gave me some time to brainstorm a couple awesome posts that I’ll hopefully be putting up soon). Thank you so much for following us in our journey—your thoughtful comments and support make it all worth it 🙂

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