Mission Reunion

One thing I’d always looked forward to after getting home from my mission was going to mission reunions. Since my mission president is from Guatemala, however, that hadn’t exactly happened.
Until now.

On Saturday afternoon, my mission president was put in as a General Authority in our church. Pretty sweet, eh? Anyway, because of this, my mission president and his whole family came up to the States, and so we returned missionaries had the amazing opportunity of having a huge mision reunion on Friday night.

 Here’s a picture of everyone who was able to make it to the reunion (above)

 It was so much fun to finally be able to introduce Matt to these two amazing people who have had
such an influence on my life: my mission president and his wife. To translate from Spanish, my mission president’s wife told me later that she was “enchanted” by Matt and his eveready smile and that he was just as handsome as could be. I couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂

Here’s a picture of me and my “hija” (missionary that I trained). Out of all of my companions, she’s probably the one I’m the closest with. It’s always so much fun to catch up with her.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. On Saturday, while all the men were off at priesthood session, we mission sisters all got together over at Leatherby’s (only the best ice cream place in the world!) to partake in the creamy ice cream decadence and catch up on girl stuff.

Way. Too. Much. Fun.

I relish these opportunities to once again rub shoulders with people who have made such a vast difference in my life. I love them all!

Hope you all had a lovely General Conference weekend!

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