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Marathon Training, Week Thirteen

Well here I am, less than three weeks away from marathon day, and I’m still thinking that this training will just go on forever. Matt keeps saying how he can’t wait until “this dang marathon” is just over and done with, but I think I’m going to have a harder time. I once read something about post-marathon depression, and I think that I might be experiencing it firsthand in about 21 days. After all, running has become such a huge part of my life and has become a part of my seemingly permanent weekly plan that I just can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when it’s all over with.

“You could always sign up for another marathon, Torrie,” I hear you saying.

Yes, I could. But it will no longer be my first marathon, you know? I imagine it will be like when I finished Jane Eyre while traveling through  Europe on a bus—I was proud of myself for having read it, but dang was I sad that it was over with. And even though I knew I could always read it again, I knew I could never again read it for the first time. Does that make sense? Am I the only one who has ever felt this way?

Anyway, the training goes on as usual. I couldn’t do a run on Tuesday because I was still so sore from the 20-miler, but I was able to knock off a short 5-miler on Thursday and muddle through a 15-miler on Saturday. This new spring heat is still proving to be a challenge, but I’m slowly starting to adapt. I’m just grateful that the marathon will have drinks available frequently because that’s the hardest part about doing our long runs now is planning when we’ll be able to rehydrate and refuel our bodies.

High Point: Neither of my runs were too great actually, but I sure love the fact that I’ve dropped two more pounds and am now lighter than I was before my mission!

Low Point: Miles 8 & 9 of Saturday’s long run. I was just so dang thirsty, and knowing that I wouldn’t be getting water for another 3 miles was just awful…

# of Miles Run: 20

Avg. Time Per Mile: 11-12 minutes (way slow, I know–like I said, I was definitely still feeling sore from the 20-miler the week before)

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