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Marathon Training, Week Nine

Guess what?

I ran 16 miles on Saturday.


My mind is still blown. I still can hardly believe that I (yes, me, the girl who had always considered herself a non-runner) ran 16 miles in one go. Without walking. And with just one short water (and banana piece with peanut butter) break, too.

Needless to say, I’m proud of myself.

When Matt and I went back home to Bountiful this last weekend to visit with our families, my mom asked me why I’m putting myself through this. After telling her what training is like, she remarked, “That sounds just awful.”

So why am I doing this?

I’m doing it to show myself that I can.

I’m doing it to fulfill a lifelong dream.

I’m doing it to get into better shape.

I’m doing it to push my own limits.

I’m doing it to challenge myself farther than what I think I can go.

I’m doing it because I only have one life to live, and I’m going to get the most out of it that I can.

SIXTEEN MILES. I’m still on a runner’s high.

High Point: Do I really have to repeat it?

Low Point: Actually running the 16 miles, lol. It felt so good when I could say I did it, but it was actually rather difficult from Mile 10 and on–my body definitely is starting to fight back. But I still have yet to get blisters or injuries or strained muscles, so we are still good to go *knock on wood*.

# of Miles Run this Week: 28

Avg. Time Per Mile: About 9:50

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