The Current State of my Mind

I had three different post ideas for tonight (depending on my mood), and considering that I just got home around 8 PM, I’m in no mind for any of them.

My mind has been buzzing with strange images that look much like the one above–visions of students yapping and jumping and shrieking and laughing and pushing and scowling and doing about everything else you can imagine.

It’s not that today was even a bad or a hard day—I’m just so done with this week.

I try hard not to complain too much; I’m grateful for my job, and I definitely enjoy it more than any other job I’ve ever held. I’m thankful that I can do my part to provide for the two of us while Matt’s in school, and I’m grateful for the sweet little comments that occasionally come my way from the students.

But after a week of getting home at a late(ish) hour after spending 10-11 hours at the school and trying to keep up with everything else I’m managing to fit in to my packed schedule (donating plasma, going on runs, fulfilling my duties as leader over the young women at my church), I’m just done.

And after a week of trying valiantly not to lose my temper at the immaturity of certain students who insist on pushing each other constantly in the halls and working through a massive stack of grading that dates back to the first week of school and repeating myself over and over and over again about how my students aren’t supposed to talk at all during their self-starters, I’m just done.

And sadly, I don’t have a restful weekend to look forward to, but rather one filled with cleaning (we haven’t had any forks to eat off of for two days now), tutoring Matt in math so he can get ready for the GRE next week, and finally getting started on the whole applying-to-PT-school thing so that hopefully my husband can actually get into a school for this next year.

All I want to do is make homemade rolls and try out a new zucchini cookie recipe and maybe take a nap while a Jane Austen movie plays in the background, but those luxuries will have to wait until I have more time.

There’s no rest for the weary, but I feel a little better now that I’ve vented.

Thanks for letting me take it out on you—now do me a favor and go out and hug a teacher!


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