Reborn Again & Again

While typing up my mission journals, I occasionally come across thoughts that hit me with as much weight now as they did when I first wrote them.

This morning I came across this paragraph that I feel I could as easily have written today as I could have back when I was six weeks into my mission:

Sometimes I feel as though the real purpose of life is to be born and reborn again and again. I feel as though the Lord waits just long enough for me to feel comfortable being who I am, and then he opens my eyes a little further and allows me to see that I’ve been living in ignorance. I’ve grown to love these times when I feel my vision being expanded and the door to my heart being opened a little farther. These past six weeks it’s been happening little by little, and today I felt as though I became a new person. Yet at the same time, it all felt strangely familiar—as if my awakenings were to myself and who I really am.

I have a lot of changes happening in my life–there will be several happening in the next three weeks. Although at times the change seems too much to take on, I know that in the end, it’s all part of the experience of being born and reborn again and again.

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