Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*I decided that I might just live with my hair in a topknot all summer long. For a long time, I was too self-conscious to wear my hair pulled back (partly due to the fact that an old ex-boyfriend once told me that he found me unattractive with my hair in a ponytail. Obviously I did not marry him). Anyway, I have since made the executive decision that a topknot will be my hairdo of choice from now on until the hot, muggy days of August when I will become an official teacher and must look more presentably put-together. Until then, prepare yourself for some serious hair-laziness.

*Earlier today, I found Matt seated on the couch, whittling away at a small chunk of pine and watching a show on the history of zombies.

*The last fact is made funnier if you could have listened in on a conversation last night that occurred between Matt’s two older brothers–they literally argued for probably 20 minutes straight on whether a long sword or a Samurai sword would be more effective in staving off a zombie army. Since no conclusion was reached by the end, both parties concluded that they would re-adjourn the meeting when both of them had been able to find sufficient evidence to prove his point. It was finally decided that both would write a two-page paper, find appropriate Youtube videos, and possibly create a Power Point by the next meeting and that the rest of the family would then judge who was more correct.

*I am not kidding.

*On other topics, I finally got my car registered today. You want to know the best part about having an old clunker car? The fact that I only had to pay $56 to register it.

*The worst part about having a clunker car? I had to pay over $200 in repairs so that it would pass its safety inspection. Oh well.

*Matt has put in The Glass House so that he’ll have something to distract himself while he continues to carve away at his wood piece. This movie is freaky-deaky, even in broad daylight. Yikes.

*Yesterday I went with my friend Kayla to the gym for about 2.5 hours so that we could get a headstart on burning off all the calories we knew we’d be eating later that day. While there, I came to a most definite conclusion: I think that in order to qualify to be a Zumba instructor, you need to be a little bit insane. It’s like they must have them pass a perkiness test or something. Don’t get me wrong–I love Zumba (and the instructors)–they’re all just a little crazy is all I’m saying. One of the ones in our class was making higih-pitched, off-harmony whooping sounds the whole time. True story.

*I discovered something about myself this past week–when I create a to-do list, I always get more done than when I don’t write down anything at all. Is anyone else the same way?

*Another thing about to-do lists is that it usually takes me two weeks to complete what I set out to do in one. At least it gets done though, right?

*Anyway, this movie is creeping me out, and I have to go get ready to go visiting teaching. Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!

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