Memorial Day Weekend

Matt and I just made it back to Logan after spending the perfect Memorial Day weekend with our families in Bountiful. It was everything the weekend should have been:

We paid our respects to our departed loved ones, and we heard about how my grandma visited the cemetery every year with her family growing up (she said it was the only day in the entire year that her dad ever dressed up in a suit). She also pointed out that everyone visited the cemetery on Memorial Day–“it was just what people did.”

I like that.

I think everyone should still do that today.

(Obviously we still need to work on the wearing-a-suit part.)

 Then we spent the rest of the weekend at family barbecues, playing Settlers of Catan, and catching up with old friends.

I will also take this moment to point out that I, yes I, won no fewer than THREE games of Settlers in a row.

Just saying.

Oh, the happiness of being surrounded by the people I love, in a country that offers me liberty and protection. How grateful I am for the sacrifices of so many so that I could enjoy such luxuries.

Hope your Memorial Day was just as splendid!

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