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My First Halloween Costume in 8 Years

Fun fact #1: This is the first time since 2008 that I’ve dressed up for Halloween. Yes, I officially know how lame I am. (And let’s face it—we wouldn’t have done half of the stuff we have (or will) for the holiday if it weren’t for Raven. That’s the glorious thing about having kids– it yanks you out of your lame-ness and forces you to do fun things once in awhile.)

Fun fact #2: Within an hour after posting the above photo, I immediately lost 10 Instagram followers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Guess I definitely win the creepiest creeper award! (Although, let’s just be honest—anytime I post pictures of anything other than Raven, I lose followers! Apparently people just think I’m cool because of my kid. I’m okay with that.)

Fun fact #3: There are three Ryans in my family, and they were all at my mom’s Halloween party last Saturday (along with all my mom’s grandkids).
More pics from the party:

Raven wasn’t sure about most of the games, but she liked the “grab-the-donut-off-the-string-and-eat-it game). She also enjoyed running around collecting beanbags out of the pumpkin buckets from the Beanbag Toss game, which made her like an extra obstacle/challenge to overcome.

An attempted pic of all the grandkids, a feat that doesn’t happen very often.


Fun fact #4: We also carved pumpkins for the first time last night in probably six years. Raven kept putting pumpkin pulp in her mouth.

She also growled out a WHOA when she saw the pumpkin lit up outside in the dark.

It basically made up for all the clean-up we had later.

And then tonight, we’re off to a church party that involves a trunk or treat, a chili cookoff, and lots of cookies.

A successful Halloween, for the books! (And a much more successful Halloween than usual, one could easily argue.)

Now I just need to jet off to Sam’s Club and get some candy for the trick-or-treaters.


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