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10 on 10 (On Time, For Once)

Raven’s been sick with a nasty mucus-filled cough for days now, and for most kids, that would mean more naps (or maybe longer naps), but for Raven, that means that she sleeps less, and more fitfully at that. As of now, during her one “nap time” of the day, she is proceeding to name every object in her room and make a sound that closely resembles a duck trying to sing.


It’s amazing that I’m getting this out on time, is what I’m saying.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to over the past month of picture-taking:

1// We’ve officially reached the trying-on-mom-and-dad’s-shoes stage. It’s basically adorable.


3// Peekaboo during lunch, when things get too dull (or when she’s sick of eating her peas).

4// We ventured out to play in the snow (for real) for the first time. She is distinctly on the fence about it. (Probably a full post to follow on this—there are just too many good pictures not to share.)

5// Trying to “catch” snowflakes with Daddy. (Don’t worry—she was NOT outside for very long dressed like that. Just in case anyone was tempted to report me or something.)

6// Special Christmas Eve Eve (Dec. 23rd) dinner, just the three of us. Roast beef and homemade rolls were involved. We may have tried to convince Raven to try some sparkling cider. She is distinctly overwhelmed with disgust by all things carbonated (not that she gets many opportunities to try them).

7// We used some of Raven’s Christmas money from her grandparents in Missouri to buy her some new board books from the only local bookstore left in Logan. The entire car ride home from the store, she chanted, “NEW BOOKS! NEW BOOKS!” in the back, with never-wavering enthusiasm.

She is definitely our kid.

8// In December, we tried to read an inspiring Christmas (short) story every day, a tradition we’ve been doing for years.

9// Baking instead of cleaning. Eating chocolate chips instead of green smoothies. (That’s the way we roll in the new year!)

10// Since Mom has taken up doing her hip hop aerobics routines at home during the week for extra exercise (since there’s no way she’s going outside to run in the -20 degree weather we’ve been having), Raven has officially became the Dance Queen of the Year.

And, for a bonus pic, this is Raven’s: “Mom, it’s ridiculously cold outside, and this picture-taking idea is stupid” face.

(But we managed to get some pretty cute pics, anyway)

And, for more Raven goodness, here’s a video of me trying to get her to say “Cookie” really loud (like she’ll sometimes yell out in the middle of the night):

Aaaaand….I’d better go get her out of her crib since there’s obviously no napping going on today…

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