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Quick Raven Stats: 15 Months

Because I don’t dare try to do a photo shoot with her on our bed (as per my previous baby stats posts), I figured I’d just drop in these photos instead (from when she was about 14 1/2 months, if we want to get technical). 

I mean, they were pretty cute, so I had to put them somewhere.

Really, this post is more for my own benefit than anyone else’s (because it means that I won’t have to go to her medical file to fish out her latest stats or kick myself in three or seven or thirty years because I can’t remember all this stuff in my head).

However, this won’t be the book of a post my previous stats posts were because, quite frankly, I have a Diet Dr. Pepper calling my name and have been staring at a computer screen for WAY too long today (since I was in Lightroom troubleshooting an import problem for almost three hours this morning). Boo.

Anyway, onto the real stuff:

Quick Stats
Height: 31″ (70th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs., 5 ounces (36th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.8″ (39th percentile)
Clothing Size: just now phasing out of 12-month size and into 18-month size
Diaper Size: 4

Milestones Reached:
* Does the baby equivalent of running (which is hilarious, btw)
* Uses several recognizable words (mama, dada, DDuh (for duck, heavy emphasis on the D there), duh (for done, less emphasis on the D), mo (for more–just said this week for the first time), nana (for banana/food). Note: “duck” has also come to mean “go outside” (since that’s where the ducks are), and also, all birds are apparently “ducks” to her and are probably her favorite moving entities of all time.
* Uses other ways to effectively communicate wants/needs, like pointing, grunting in a certain way for “yes,” running away into a corner if she doesn’t want to do something…
* Has started into the world of sound effects (makes a zooming noise when she plays with her cars, makes an MMM sound (moo) when you say the word “cow”)
* Can give high fives and point to your nose when asked
* Can climb up stairs and onto the couch (although down the stairs, we’re still working on)
* Can feed herself with a spoon/spork *some* of the time (and feeds herself using her hands for most of the rest of the time)
* No longer uses a bottle and can drink out of her little sippy cup independently
* Claps when she does anything she thinks is pretty stellar, like stacking blocks on top of each other, knocking over the huge block tower you just built for her, making a particularly large splash that gets you all wet during bathtime…
* Understands “No” and seems to more or less understand the threat of “Time Out” (since that’s usually when she’ll actually heed the word “No”)

I feel like I address the challenges and “stuff I don’t want to forget” pretty well in her 10 on 10 posts, so I think that should pretty well wrap this up.

Well, after I share a few more pics anyway…

Happy 15 months to you (back on the 12th), my sweet Raven girl! You bring so much joy to my life.

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