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Baby Raven: 3 Months

In talking to Matt the other day, I made the comment that I feel like we’re in the “golden hour” of parenthood–we’re not stressed out from tantrums or teething or potty training, we only have one (blessedly easy!) baby to love on, and we’re regularly getting plenty of sleep at night.

Before having kids, I worried so much that parenthood wouldn’t suit me–I see other parents who just seem so stressed out all the time (and for good reasons), and I just worried that having kids would mean 90% work and stress and about 10% fun and joy. I know it’s too far too early to make any sweeping generalizations and that my experience will not be everyone’s experience, but I will say this–

Having a 3-month-old baby is just the best (definitely almost 90% fun and joy!).

Quick Stats:

Weight: about 13 pounds
Height: I’d guess about 24.5″
Clothing Size: just barely graduated into the 3-6 month size

Milestones Reached

  • Regularly sleeps 8-9 hour stretches at night 
  • Has started reaching for objects and grabbing toys
  • Has started trying to put everything in her mouth (toys, both hands, her shirt…)  
  • Today (at 3 months, one day), she rolled over again from tummy to back. She used to do that regularly starting when she was 4 days old and for about a week and a half after, but then she got too hefty to throw around her weight. Today, she finally did it again!
  • Can hold up her neck at a 90-degree angle while on her stomach
  • Can track small objects with her eyes
  • Blows bubbles constantly
  • Loves to talk and babble in both simple vowel coos and vowel-consonant combinations, especially to Daddy when he comes home from work  
  • Can bear her own weight when standing up (and only requires our hands on the side for balance)

Physical Appearance:

Raven continues to put on a healthy amount of weight each week, resulting in these delicious little baby rolls and chubs. We’re also ecstatic to see that her hair is filling in very nicely (she had a bunch of bald spots in the back and a long mullet at the bottom for quite awhile), and the color is darkening a bit, too. My favorite part about her physical appearance right now (besides her huge smiles) is her total fuzz-head. At first (about a month ago), we’d try to make it stick up after baths, but it usually would mat itself back down in about a day. Now, it’s an almost permanent fuzz ball, and I’m just obsessed.

Having a 3-Month-Old Means:
  • Little ears that turn towards Mama’s voice wherever she’s at
  •  Rosy cheeks that just won’t quit
  •  Smiles for everyone, complete with lots and lots of drool
  •  Hands that love to grab and hold and then let go, then do it all again
  • Eyes that get big and round at each loud sound (and also every time a burping session happens–every time we pat her back to get the burps out, you’d think we’d never done it before by how huge her eyes get)
  •  Giggles galore, and sometimes even a squeal or two
  •  The growing realization that she can manipulate the objects around her, including the monthly sticker placed on her dress
What I Love About This Stage:

According to many parenting books, around three months old is when you can first start trying to get your baby on a schedule. And what do you know, they were right–at least they were for us. A few weeks ago, I started to notice definite patterns in Raven’s sleep/wake/play schedule, which has made it SO much easier to plan out our days accordingly. While the schedule isn’t 100% fixed, the general baseline is this:

– Wake up around 8 or 8:30
– Do active play time for the next two hours (reading, tummy time, Bumbo chair, standing up, having conversations about what she dreamed about and what she thinks about our plans for the day)
– Nap time around 10 (usually for about an hour)
– Daddy comes home for 1-2 hours at 11, at which point she’s usually awake and playing with him while I get stuff done, like get ready for the day (if I haven’t already), finish the dishes, read a little, etc.
– Another naptime around 1 (this one usually lasting a little longer–maybe a couple hours)
– More play time and then quiet floor time while I prepare dinner around 4 or 5 (this is also the time I usually run errands if I have any)
– Family play time after dinner
– Bath time around 7 (if she needs one)
– Bed time around 8


Things I Don’t Want to Forget:

  • Matt blowing raspberries on Raven’s stomach and both me and him cracking up hysterically at the look on her face, which made her start laughing, which made us laugh harder, which made her laugh much fun. 
  • The feeling of triumph I felt this morning for Raven when she just rolled over about five seconds after being put on her stomach, like she’d been doing it all along (and her look of happiness that tummy time was over so quickly!)
  •  The big smiles she gives me right after a nap or a feeding
  • The way she talks to Matt very excitedly whenever he comes home and she hasn’t seen him for awhile–it’s really like they’re having a little conversation
  • How she knows when I’m about to feed her and can’t contain herself any longer (as evidenced by her kicking legs and little greedy whimpers)
  • How she tries to simultaneously nurse and suck her thumb at the same time (hilarious)
  • The kissability of those cheeks! Man, I just kiss them all day, even though she often tries to “slime” us with drool every time we try
  • The way she shakes her head rapidly back and forth whenever we put a headband or hat on her, as if she’s adamantly saying, “NO! None of this!”  

I have been so surprised at the delight I feel as I watch her explore the world and learn new things. Each day, I try and make myself drink in many of those precious little moments, realizing (full well) that they won’t last forever.

It’s been so fun for me to see her joyful little personality really start to blossom–she’s naturally a very happy baby, and we’re so lucky that she sleeps so well and that she really only fusses when she’s tired or hungry. Matt and I always joke that we must be really in for it with our second kid (whenever he/she comes) because Raven is just such a breeze to take care of.

We sure love you, our happy little Raven girl!

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