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Are We Still Pretending This is Actually Just 10 on 10?

(Because you all should know by now I’m incapable of narrowing it down to just 10 pictures.)

1 // Yogurt face. Also, I live with two people with ridiculous eyelashes. That’s all.

2 // The obsession with dandelions continues.

3 // We started pulling back all of her hair into a ponytail for the first time, and I died a little inside because it makes her look SO MUCH OLDER. Don’t mind me sobbing over here in the corner.

4 // I mentioned this already on my Instagram, but baking has become both a problem and a lifesaver around here lately (thanks to the kitchen being slowly conquered day by day by moving boxes). If there are two things that will get me through this move, they are a regular stream of baked goods making their way into my belly, and a few emergency runs to the store for Diet Dr. Pepper.

5 // We have recently entered into a voluntary hand-holding stage, and I’m not minding it at all. Not even a bit.

6 // File this under “Toys we got for free or next to nothing that are her favorite things ever.” (And note that ALLLLL of the stuffed animals must accompany her on her “grocery runs” as well as her naps. Because we can’t let any of them feel left out, naturally.)

7 // Starting to comprehend early on the all-too-true statement of “Too many books, too little time.”

8 // I’m eager to move and explore a new area, but I will say, I’m gonna miss going to see the ducks every day. Correction: I’m going to miss RAVEN going to go see the ducks every day, because somehow, they just never seemed to get old.

9 // Surprise visits from grandparents are her favorite. Non-surprise visits from grandparents are her favorite. Basically, ALL THE GRANDPARENTS AND ALL THEIR VISITS ARE HER FAVORITE.

10 // I call this section, “Cuteness overload of Daddy and Baby Girl.” Because these two are buddies, and they adore each other.

11 // Although I have faithfully gone to pretty much every twice-weekly play group there is, we might be nixing the Wednesday one at the park because it is JUST TOO DANG HOT already. #thanksfornothingjune (Just kidding. I love June. But it is way too hot to be going to that park…)

12// Nothing is as fun as bouncing on Mom and Dad’s bed. NOOOOOTHIIIIING.

13 // Rule #1 of Raven’s tea parties: all plates must be allotted exactly one animal cracker. Rule #2 of Raven’s tea parties: No tea will actually be served, but either milk or, in desperate situations, water or lemonade will be accepted. Rule #3: Cookies are to remain on their plates until one has had time to forget they are there, and then come back to them again, happily surprised.


Oh man, it’s been a good month.
And, to finish you off on an even higher note, I present to you: “Raven politely asks not to be tickled.”

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