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Matt & Raven’s Early Hits & Rarities

As official Keeper of the All the Pictures in the Meidell house, I am basically the one in charge of making sure Matt sees any particular gems as they come through the magical conduit from the camera into the computer (or post said gems to this here blog so that he can be sure to swoon and laugh and giggle, as appropriate).

Well, one aspect of taking a picture of your baby every day is that you end up with a LOT of pictures, and there is pretty constant downloading of said pictures going on. Since most of that downloading and transferring and browsing through pictures happens when Matt is not around, there are literally thousands of pictures he’s probably never seen.

Well, in honor of one of my favorite fathers of all time, I figured I’d give him a little surprise and post some pictures (70% of which I’m fairly positive he’s likely never seen).

Happy Father’s Day to you, Matt! Our baby girl is the luckiest.

//Freshly home from the hospital

//Four Generations, Maternal Side

//Four Generations, Paternal Side

//Long rocking episodes call for good reading material

//Getting ready to go out to Daddy’s graduation ceremony

//Mommy checking the settings on the camera (this is pretty typical of the kind of shot I’ll get)

//The Sweetest. (Note to self–HOW DID I NOT POST THIS BEFORE?!)

//See Matt, she’s always been a little unsure of kisses…

//Stargazing. Or a staring contest. (I’m not sure which.)

//What do you mean, I get my weird faces from Dad?

//Incoming fuzz-head with possible drool trail…

//Daddy home from his extra church meetings finally.

//Awesomeness all around.

//Good dads know how to fix hairbows.

//This is what pure love looks like.

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