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First Christmas with a Baby, In Pictures

Christmas with a baby–
It’s like, to paraphrase Charles Dickens, “having…the lightest license of a child,
and yet being [wo]man enough to know its value.”

Our first Christmas with a baby was everything it ought to be–full of family, parties, gifts, giggles, and an occasional fussy fit or two when naptimes were ignored or pushed back.

But most of all, it was a time to delight in the care and support of loved ones, the wonder of children, and the hilarity that comes from watching a baby get more excited over the wrapping paper and ribbons than in the gifts themselves.

(Because, after all, that’s exactly what Christmas with a baby should be, really.)

A few highlights:

– having the two toys from the grandparents (a walker and a set of plastic balls) be the hits of the last week, and having the toy from Mom & Dad (a wooden ball of sorts that has moving beads) be the most feared item in the living room (next to the vacuum, of course)

– One thing this kid will never have a shortage of is books, but isn’t that the way it should be? There’s the recipe for a happy childhood, right there. (Oh, and plenty of wrapping paper to eat, naturally.)

(there it is—the feared toy…this is a picture of Raven gingerly pushing it away from her rather than squealing in delight, as we’d anticipated)
– Here’s a little video of Raven opening her first gift ever (this was obviously before she developed a bit of an irrational fear towards her new toy):

(we took advantage of Raven’s wrapping paper binges to open our own gifts)

– I didn’t realize until it was too late that I’d only gotten pictures of my own family (immediate and extended) gatherings and none with Matt’s side. I also realized I didn’t get a single picture of both Matt and I with Raven during any of these festivities. Those will be top of my resolutions for next Christmas…

– Another highlight? Going to my extended family’s big Christmas party and each getting to pick out an apron of my late grandmother’s for both ourselves and our daughter(s). These family gatherings have never been the same without her presence, but I appreciate opportunities to think of her even more often than I already do.

– Despite all the fun and chaos and sheer noisy delight, we did manage to sneak a few quiet moments for ourselves to feed the baby, read Christmas books aloud, and sip some sparkling cider while playing card games when it was just the two of us (after the baby had gone to bed). With all the joy that the holiday festivities can bring, it’s always nice to enjoy the stillness of quiet solitude and time spent with just our little family, hushed and snuggled together with just the lights of our tree around us.

Baby, you make everything more magical.
Thanks for an even happier Christmas for your presence!

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