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When You’re Stuck Inside, All Day Every Day

I’m currently on Day 3 of this business known as Not-Leaving-the-Apartment, and poor Raven is on Day 4.

It all started with an insane winter storm that dumped over 12 inches of snow in about as many hours, followed by a string of sub-zero days (like today, when we woke up and it was a cool -25 degrees outside).

At first, the excuse to not leave the house was nice—

I let the snow build up on the car with no worries of scraping it off, I made chicken tortilla soup and homemade breadsticks that dripped with butter and parmesan cheese, and Raven and I clinked plastic cups together and pretended to eat milk and cookies amidst reading all our new books from our latest library trip (which conveniently happened the day before the storm).

But now, we’re starting to go a little stir crazy.

I’m starting to inch closer and closer to All The Chocolate In The House, Raven is both bored and overwhelmed by all the toys everywhere, we’ve now read All The Books (including the new library ones), and still…

The cold continues. And the snow refuses to melt.

Sure, I could bundle Raven up in her new-to-her snowsuit and boots (like we did on Monday) and take a little walk.

But when all the moisture in your nose literally freezes to tiny icicles the second you inhale your first breath outside, and you worry about Raven’s propensity for worming her way out of her gloves, all motivation to spend the 15 minutes to bundle up vanishes when you realize that it would probably equal all of about 3 minutes spent outdoors.

So I built Raven her first little fort, and she deigned to sit on its outskirts, warily watching me out of one eye as I encouraged her to just crawl a little bit further inside.

We’ve wrapped up in blankets and played with the big kickball and jumped on the bed and even watched a movie on Wednesday (which will probably turn into 2 movies by the time this afternoon is done with)

In short, we’re starting to go a little crazy over here.

So maybe, instead of drawing out this here blog post during Raven’s nap, I’ll finally go outside and clear off the foot of snow still blanketing my vehicle (and pray that it still starts).

Maybe we’ll bundle up and go to the mall, or maybe make a second library trip, or maybe even go and get a 7-11 hot chocolate (since it’s been about a month since I last had one—a new winter record for me).

We’ve got to bust out of here, baby.

And soon.

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