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10 on 10 (a day late again)

It’s been an exhausting month.

Between the physical strain of taking on those storage sheds as a second job and the financial strain of a huge unexpected car repair and the mental and social strain of an election that has brought out some of the worst in so many, I’m just done.

So I’m trying to take it a little easy over here. I finally hunkered down and got ALL the dishes washed yesterday (something that–embarrassingly–hadn’t been done in about a week because I kept letting the dishes that were too big for the dishwasher just sit out for days and days). I’ve recommitted myself to being more careful in my use of social media, since every time I get on lately, it just seems to bring on the tension headaches and the anxiety all over again. And last night, as Matt drove with his parents up to Idaho to retrieve our now-functioning vehicle ($1400 later…), I popped some popcorn and Raven and I sat down to watch The Little Mermaid instead of me trying my darnedest to do the usual and avoid screen time as much as I can while she’s awake.

But one thing that was so good was for me to go through these pictures from the last month and remind myself of all the happy, non-stressful times (because there were SO MANY!). It was good to remember that despite all the craziness both in our personal sphere and in the national sphere, we still carved out time to go feed the ducks and play in the rain and enjoy this autumn weather that’s magically just lingering on, seemingly forever.

So, in no particular order, here are ten things from the last month:

1// Raven and Matt, in hoodies, in the rain. I didn’t know how she would react to the rain (since she hasn’t been out in it very much before), but as long as her hands and feet stay more or less dry, she seems to hardly notice (and even enjoy it!).

2// That moment right before Mom realized what she was holding.

3// Feeding the ducks never gets old.

4// Because that picture on top makes me laugh, the picture in the middle makes me smile, and the bottom picture makes my heart explode a little bit because she’s growing up so fast.

5// We have finally gotten to the point where this is actually enjoyable for her (most of the time, anyway).

6// Showing off her Sunday best. She started going to nursery at church this last month, and she generally couldn’t be more happy about it.

7// Our continued determination to spend quality time outside every day has been saving my life (or rather, my sanity) lately. I hope these perfect fall days stay embedded in my memory forever.

8// Because those little feet. And also, books books books, all the time.

9// Double pigtail loops and playing in the leaves.


10// Glad someone at least was enjoying the constant state of clutter and chaos the house was in as we prepped for our massive yard sale.

And, as always, a few bonus pics:

And a bonus video of Raven trying to copy her daddy as he stretches. (You can just hear me trying not to laugh…)

I did it in black and white because the colors were garish and made it harder to see

I know life is just going to get busier and busier as the holidays roll around, but here’s hoping that I remember to take the time to appreciate those small moments every day that make life–in all its craziness–worth living and worth loving.

Have a happy Friday, friends! Hope you enjoy your weekend.