10 on 10, Raven

10 on 10

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of 10 on 10 (because that’s what happens when the 10th falls on a Saturday–it’s special). Between us trying to cram in lots of outside time before the weather turns too cold and me trying to incorporate a lot more novelty and “enrichment” into our day-to-day living, it’s been a pretty stellar month.

1 // All the books, all the time. Although we already own hundreds of picture books, we *only* own about 40 board books, so we’ve caved and started bringing in lots and lots of board books from the library (since we don’t *quite* trust her near the “big kid”–aka, not super durable–picture books yet).

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of our sanity being saved. Thank you, public libraries.

(Although technically, that book she’s holding on the left is actually ours. Just to clarify.)

2 // Some of Daddy’s latest shenanigans: 1) Throwing random blankets and bits of clothing onto Raven’s  head to see if it will make her laugh or start playing peek-a-boo. Success rate? About 78%. 2) Letting her open and close the front door when coming in from outside to avoid the inevitable meltdown that usually comes from being forced back indoors. Genius. 3) Using Raven as a weight to get an arms workout in (or just letting her use him as a human jungle gym). Either way, it seems to be effective.

3 // If anyone could pull off this hat, baby, you could.

4 // Rookie mistake: letting it get *much* too quiet in the kitchen…

5 // Sometimes I pull out the camera to try and take our daily picture, and Raven immediately thinks it’s high time to get ascloseaspossible to the camera (and to me). Sometimes I just try and go with it, even when it means holding my gargantuan camera awkwardly as far away from us as possible and attempting to get something in focus. Sometimes I even manage to get her face in there. I’m amazing.

6 // The ducks–which we really should start naming by now since we hang out with them so much–have lost all fear when it comes to our presence and have instead started following us around. Honestly, I was kind of scared of what they might try and do, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves. Welcome to our life every morning, midday, and late afternoon.

7 // Build a tower, crash the tower. (Correction: Mom or Dad builds the tower, Raven takes one block off at a time until she can’t stand it anymore and just screams bloody murder as she demolishes the rest of the tower to the ground.)

8 // Can I just go live outside, Mom?

9 // The couch might be her favorite place of all.

10 // Built-in “enrichment” time each day is kind of saving both of us at the moment. We both get to try something new, we often get out of the house when we normally wouldn’t have otherwise, and it keeps every day from looking the exact same. Win win win.

And, of course, a few bonus videos:

Raven says hi
 Raven quacks at the ducks (sorry that my voice is super loud in this)
Here’s to another month of cuteness!

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