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Your Obligatory Fall Photo Shoot in the Leaves + 5 Things

I figured I wouldn’t be a real lifestyle blogger at all if I didn’t post some autumn-related pictures in the leaves, so here you go–

A peek into our day yesterday (+ 5 other random things on my mind).

1. I think my body’s been trying to put itself into hibernation mode lately because it’s turning everything into a struggle. Reading my usual amount every day is a struggle. Preparing dinner is a struggle. Going on runs is a Struggle (OH yes, going on runs is a Struggle with a capital S). It’s been a nice little test of my self-discipline lately since I’ve usually been making myself do it all anyway.

2. However, in a bizarre turn of events, the thing that’s been the LEAST bit of a struggle? Keeping our apartment (relatively) clean. Universe, you win again.

3. If you were to walk past (or inside) our apartment right now, you would quickly note that along our block, we are Those Neighbors—you know, the ones that don’t decorate for holidays and that have random junk outside on the porch and that basically give the whole neighborhood a bad name.

Truth: I wish that I was motivated to actually implement all the home design methods I love to read about or view on Instagram, but I’m just not. Maybe that will all change when we finally buy a house someday in the distant future, and maybe it won’t. For right now, I just count myself as the Homemaking Queen of the World if I have a bouquet of $4 flowers from the grocery store on the counter, a relatively cleared-off kitchen table, and dinner in the oven.

4. My whole cutting-down-on-the-Diet-Dr.-Pepper thing is not going so well. In September, I did manage to cut my consumption down by a solid 50%, but this week alone, I’ve given in to having it 5 out of the last 7 days. At least now I’m in the habit of just putting one in the freezer anytime I need my caffeine fix instead of keeping a huge supply in the fridge, ready-made. It at least makes me pause for a few milliseconds and ask myself if I really NEED to have one today.

5. I might be the only blogger in the world who has not really thought about Halloween costumes, either for myself or for my kid. The truth is, I very rarely dress up for the holiday, and my mom gave me a costume that *kinda* fits Raven, so that might be all that happens. I am the Halloween equivalent of Scrooge, you could say (although I at least buy candy for the trick-or-treaters, so I’m not completely heartless).

Perhaps I should have titled this “Why I Fail as a Lifestyle Blogger” instead.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Hope you have a happy weekend! And now excuse me while I go and grab my Dr. Pepper from the freezer that I put there after the Raven decided to skip her morning nap…

Oh, and in case you want to see YET MORE of the million pictures we took yesterday, you can check out some different ones on my Instagram (@torriemeidell). I know, I know, your mind is blown that there could still be YET MORE pictures. What can I say? I have a bit of a problem knowing when to quit. See the Dr. Pepper note above for extra proof.


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