Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All, Birthday Recap Edition

Six Things:

1. Ever since starting my massive simplification/de-owning process at the beginning of this year, I’ve had the best of intentions when it comes to birthdays—I was firmly set on the idea that for birthdays and holidays, I wanted to institute an “experiences, not presents” mentality. The problem is, I still have this absolutely massive urge all the time to add to our growing collections of DVDs, books, and board games. In the end, I figure that most of our things that fall under those categories see a good lot of use, so maybe I’m semi-justified? Anyway, ever since our game-obsessed friends moved away to Texas, Matt and I have been working on building up our own board game supply (so as to better tempt the neighbors into being friends with us). Seeing as Matt and I both gave each other games, I think we’re about to become the most popular people on the block.

Treats and games, friends—the fail-safe way of making people like you.

What category of items (like books or movies) would you have a hard time giving up getting for gifts?

2. Guess what my second birthday surprise was (besides having our bed covered in Riesens)? My bishop telling me that apparently we had no teacher for the third hour of church, so I would be giving the lesson. Yeah, I didn’t get much out of Sunday School that day, considering that I was using it to frantically riffle through church magazines and the scriptures looking for material…

3. On a cute note, I kept finding little bags of treats all over the house (all the way until the morning AFTER my birthday) with adorable little cheesy notes like this:

Sometimes a marriage needs a little cheese, agree?

4. A grand total of one current student remembered it was my birthday on Sunday (and so subsequently wished me a happy birthday on Monday morning). I mean, it’s not quite the parade of well over a dozen students bringing me in chocolate and Diet Dr. Peppers like last year, but I give the girl major props for remembering my birthday over a weekend. That’s gotta count for something, right?

(Side note: I always tried to convince myself that I was the kind of person who didn’t care at all if other people remembered my birthday or not. Turns out I was kinda wrong—apparently I LIKE people remembering. Do you care if people remember yours or not?)

5. An early birthday miracle happened on Thursday night: I was massively hungry and wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of the food in the house. I was moaning to Matt how the ONLY thing I could POSSIBLY eat would be a tamale from the tamale guy who comes around selling them every now and again in our neighborhood, except it was almost 9 PM, which was way later than he normally came around. But then, surprise of surprises! We had a tentative little knock at our door about 5 minutes later, and there was the tamale man, looking like an angel bearing pork and chicken wrapped in corn husks.

Miracles happen every day, friends.

6. And finally, one of the greatest birthday surprises of all: the construction on our apartment finally being done! (I’m including this picture for you, Mom, to prove that we don’t live in such a ghetto-looking place anymore). I mean, with me in my suit and semi-alive potted flowers out front, you would actually think that maybe someone could live there who WASN’T a drug dealer.

Amazing, really.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, friends—thanks for reading 🙂

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