My Birthday Suit at 27

I always thought by 27 I’d be totally sophisticated—I’d be a published writer, I would have fully learned to appreciate jazz music, and I’d definitely have learned how to stop leaving my shoes by the front door.

While I’m not exactly as chic as I thought I’d be, I figured that for my birthday, I could at least pretend—

It’s funny how a leather-trimmed white button-up and a pencil skirt really do something for your ego (otherwise known as Mrs. Classy Sophie Stication herself).

Add a red lip, and I was feeling like I could conquer the world (or at least make a killer batch of homemade crescent rolls).

Basically what I’m trying to say is that although I’m not as sophisticated as I’d like to be, I think I’m a bit further along than I was at 19, when I lived in a pasta-stained Utah State t-shirt from my job working the on-campus fast food pasta station and secretly listened to MMBop on repeat.

This birthday has also been a good excuse for me to really start taking a good look at my life and creating some big dreams for myself. (Stay tuned—later this week, I’m posting up my life’s bucket list, at least as it stands right now).

Classiness and dreams aside, however, I’ve gotta say this:

I may not have it all together at 27, but I sure feel like I have it all—

an adoring husband,

a comfortable apartment,

a reasonably fulfilling job,

a deep testimony of the reality of my Savior Jesus Christ,

and a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake in the fridge.

It’s a good life.

Happy birthday to me!

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