Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

A few things on my mind:

*In about 17 hours, Matt and I will be on the road to Missouri to go visit my dad. In theory, I love the idea of a road trip–trekking across the country, stopping wherever looks interesting, finding awesome little hole-in-the-ground local eateries that blow your mind. In actuality, what will really happen is that we’ll make the trip with as few stops as humanly possible while listening to Harry Potter on audiobook and keeping ourselves awake for the 16-hour drive with some Diet Dr. Pepper while our legs lose all feeling and we forget what it felt like to have a bum. Someday I’ll go on my ultimate road trip, but tomorrow will not be that day.

*I’m curious–have YOU ever gone on an “ultimate road trip”? You know, one where you basically just let the wind blow you wherever the heck you wanted to go? If so, you should tell me if it’s worth it because it’s seriously been a dream of mine for a long, LONG time.

*We have to take our car into the shop in a couple hours to get the brakes checked out before our big trip. Note to self: always, ALWAYS make an appointment beforehand and save yourself some stress (and a 30-minute wandering around an area you’re not familiar with that’s also under construction, only to be told that you’ll have to come back later).

*I think it is not humanly possible for us to personally eat all the zucchini that our garden is producing. Yesterday I made zucchini enchiladas (recipe to follow next week) and zucchini bread, both of which only used up ONE of the five zucchinis currently residing on our kitchen table. Does anyone know if zucchini freezes well? And if so, how to go about doing it?

*Speaking of garden produce, Matt and I have been enjoying corn fresh off the stalk every night for the past few days. Let me tell you something—you have not truly experienced food until you eat corn on the cob that has been picked within the hour off of a stalk you planted yourself. You just haven’t.

*I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince Matt to go to the car place instead of me in a couple hours. My stomach is giving me some massive pains, and I’m trying to decide how long to wait until I take this problem to a doctor. You see, I’m about 65% sure that the problem lies in the fact that I’m either lactose or gluten intolerant, but I just don’t have the motivation yet to completely overhaul my diet and find out. I know this is whiney, but I figure that I eat really pretty healthy, so why should my body all of a sudden develop an intolerance to usually healthy foods? Totally lame.

*Of course, the stomach pains could be an indicator that I have leftover parasites from my time in El Salvador, in which case….blegh. Considering I’ve been home 3 years as of Saturday, if it is parasites, I’ll have a Roman’s army worth of buggers in there. Gross.

*My current organizational project is going through and organizing all of my photos. Considering the picture-a-holic that I am, this is no small feat, and I am suddenly VERY glad I didn’t wait any longer to do this because I’m forgetting more and more about when things happened and even sometimes who the people are in the photos. Too bad I didn’t start this here blog ten years ago—it could have saved me a lot of trouble.

*While helping our friends move over the weekend, I was seized with the urge to literally part with  just about every possession we own. Man, I need to help people move more often!

*Random note about the picture above: this was the first outfit in weeks that I’d actually put some thought into (complete with accessories, layers, the works). Why is it that doing that kind of thing in the summer feels like such a great accomplishment?

*Okay, I’ve put off packing and shopping and whatnot for tomorrow long enough. Later, yo!

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