Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*I’ve always thought that I have pretty great luck in life. Apparently that all changed this week. My car sputtered and slowly died this morning while I was still 4 blocks away from the school, I had a minor panic attack while giving plasma last night that required them to put an oxygen mask on me and have a nurse babysit me for half an hour, and I have realized (once again) that no one expects anything out of student teachers. I mean, I’ve cried TWICE already this week, people. This just does not happen.

*But of course, in all trials there is a silver lining–my cooperating teacher felt bad about my car, so she bought me a Dr. Pepper to save my sanity, and the second my car died, I immediately had people come to my aid to help me push my car to the side of the road. Plus I had a guy come and park behind me and make sure everything was okay about 2 seconds after I put my emergency lights on. People are so good here.

*I was just grateful that I remembered how to actually turn on the emergency lights in my car (something I did not know how to do for the first two years that I owned the thing).

*Luckily, the car is now fine. Apparently cars need gas or something. (In my defense, I was planning on filling it up right after school, and I thought I still had a good 50 miles left on the tank. Guess I was wrong.)

*On the bright side, I have a new episode of The Bachelor to watch tonight and a really great husband who came to my rescue and filled up my car with gas and moved it to the front of the school while I was teaching class. (Not to mention how he listened to me bawl my eyes out for about 45 minutes straight last night, made me dinner, and gave me a foot rub). Matt, you are so wonderful! Kiss!

*I’m trying to go meatless this week because there haven’t been any great sales on meat lately. Anyone got any good ideas besides grilled cheese sandwiches of what I can make?

*I started a new scripture study technique on Sunday that has brought me so much comfort this week. I’m hoping to have time to post about it a little later.

*I entered a writing contest for the first time in years yesterday (the main writing contest that Utah State sponsors). As I’ve been lucky enough to win in years past, I’m trying not to hope too hard that my luck can stretch just a little further and allow me to win this year, too. A couple hundred extra bucks would sure help me out.

*I think all my students drank Red Bulls before class both days so far this week. I’ve wanted to rip my hair out (or theirs!) this whole week. Must be a sign that we’re due to start a new unit soon. Or that we all need a holiday.

*I will be finishing Matched today. I would have finished yesterday at the plasma center had my body decided to not freak out. I’ll be posting my review of it shortly.

*Here’s to hoping that the rest of my week goes much better than the first half.

*Is it the weekend yet?

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