Ferocious Flirting

Ferocious Flirt #2, #3, & #4

I love poetry–I have scads of poetry anthologies tucked away in bookshelves all over the house. For this reason, Flirt #2 was particularly easy to pull off:

When writing a love letter . . . “steal from the best! Use freely from the bard, the lyrics to romantic love songs, and poems.”

On Thursday night, I didn’t have much time (or frankly, much motivation) to do anything out of the ordinary. Truth be told, I just wanted to eat chocolate and check in early. But then I read something in Ferocious Flirting that made me realize that I was just wanting to act selfishly and that the best way to get out of my funk for the day was by serving. So I pulled out an old sketchbook, tore out a page, and handwrote this poem and then taped it up on our bathroom mirror. Even though poetry has always been more my thing, Matt came downstairs with a big smile on his face and swooped me up into a hug and then asked me if he could keep the poem in a special place. Isn’t he sweet?

Flirt #3 was not necessarily something that I could provide physical evidence of (unless I’d had the forethought to take a picture), but it’s a good reminder nonetheless. Matt and I have set a goal this year to go on more “real dates” together, instead of just sitting around the house every weekend and watching movies and eating junk food. So even though Friday, we did just your typical movie-and-dinner date night, I made sure to keep this ferocious flirt tip in mind:

“Remember to make going out or spending time with your hubby a special occasion. Take the time to get dressed up for your spouse every now and again, just as you would an ‘important’ person you were going to spend the evening with. Just because this guy loves you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make him say ‘wow’ every now and again, like when you were dating.”

Now, I’m the kind of girl who gets ready for the day no matter what, regardless of where I’m going. But I have realized that since starting marathon training, I often look better for my 7th graders than I do for Matt, because he’ll come home to find me still in my jogging spandex with my hair pulled up, working on the computer. And even when we do go ou, I usually just wear whatever it is I was wearing earlier that day. But on Friday, for our date night, I made sure to change into my “date jeans” and a more feminine-looking shirt than what I had on. I revived my hair and reapplied some makeup. And even though Matt didn’t say anything (which he normally would), I still felt better about myself because I’d put more thought and time into my appearance. Ferocious Flirt #3 accomplished!

The last Ferocious Flirt I’ll share today is one that I’ll be working on for the next couple weeks, esp. with all the Valentine’s Day decor around. It’s called “Preparing to be Spontaneous”:

“Has this ever happened to you? You feel particularly grateful to your sweetie and want to do something extra special to show how much you feel. You think up something, but of course you don’t have it around the house. Then you run to the store only to find that they don’t have what you’re looking for. You end up spending a lot of time and not being able to do what you wanted to do anyway. So now, instead of feeling grateful, you’re feeling frustrated. What you need is a “spontaneity kit.” This kit is a collection of simple things that will allow you to do something special for your sweetie on a moment’s notice. My kit includes:
*I Love You stickers
*Candles – both scented and otherwise
*CDs with romantic music
*DVDs we both appreciate
*Heart-shaped box
*Massage oil
*Blank greeting cards with romantic, friendship, and appreciation themes
*Chocolate kisses and hugs
*Index cards with various romantic thoughts on them”

While I don’t have a lot of these items on hand, I do have a few, which made me able to be spontaneous last night after we got home from stake conference with a romantic chick flick (Just Like Heaven) and candles. I decided this week that I need to pick up some of the other items, so I can have some fun spontaneously surprising Matt later on (like putting little stickers everywhere!).

What other things do you think I could include in my spontaneity kit?

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