Ferocious Flirting

Ferocious Flirt #5 & #6

Even though I’m not too great at doing this ferocious-flirt-a-day business, I did try out a couple new ideas, in between preparing for my first observation over at the middle school and keeping up with my church responsibilities.
Since I’m too lazy to go and find the book, I’ll just summarize.
Ferocious Flirt #5: Send your significant other an e-greeting card on a normal day, just to say that you’re thinking about him/her.
I actually used to send e-greeting cards all the time four or five years ago, but I haven’t been in the habit of doing it lately. My go-to website for online greeting cards is www.egreetings.com, because they have funny cards for super random holidays and great cards for everyday stuff. Although they do have a ton of Valentine’s Day cards out right now, I decided to send Matt a card that was under the “Everyday” section under “Love.” (Side note: I LOVE the interactive cards. WAY too much fun.)
Matt got the greeting card when he wasn’t with me, which is just how I wanted it to be. He sent me a very sweet text after he got it that made me feel all giggly inside :). The great thing about going out of your way to express your love is that your significant other will nearly always reciprocate that love action in some way. So then you both have gained something from it. (Not that you should do cute things because you expect something back, of course. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m more just pointing out the fact that love tends to breed love, is all.)
Ferocious Flirt #6: In your sweetie’s backpack or briefcase, put a Twinkie with the following note attached: “You’re the Twinkie in my brown bag of life.”
I thought this one was too funny to pass up. The only thing was I didn’t really have much time to actually make a note, so I just put a Twinkie in Matt’s backpack and planned to text him the note as soon as he was on his way to school. The problem was, I forgot to text him. So like five hours after all that, I get this text from a very confused Matt asking, “Did you put a Twinkie in my backpack?”
Rather than explicitly confirming, I just sent the text back with the cute little saying.
He obviously couldn’t tell if I was just messing with him or not (and must have been worried about the Twinkie being poisoned), because he said, “Did you really put a Twinkie in there? Seriously?”
I got a good laugh out of it.
And  he got a Twinkie.
It was a win-win.

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