Ferocious Flirting

Ferocious Flirt #1

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I decided to whip out Ferocious Flirting (this cute little book we got at our wedding that’s full of little ideas to make your marriage wonderful) and start trying out some of the suggestions. I always try to serve Matt every opportunity I get, but this book gave me some ideas on how to go out of my way to make him feel loved.

My goal is to try out one new idea from this book every day until Valentine’s Day.

First Experiment (quoted from the book):
Before your sweetie gets into the shower, start the dryer going with some towels. Just as they are finishing, get two towels out of the dryer and leave them for [him]. A nice warm towel after showering is a luxury he may not have experienced before.

I didn’t realize how challenging this experiment was going to be until I actually started going about it. First of all, Matt rarely showers while I’m at home. As I’ve said before, our schedules are very different this semester, and we don’t see much of each other except at night. So when he happened to be getting in the shower while I was around, I jumped on the chance.

Then a second problem happened–his towel (we only have two towels) was hanging up over the shower rod, so there was no way I could steal it without him noticing. But I took it anyway, only to have him ask, suspicious, “What are you doing with my towel…??”

“Oh, just a little surprise,” I said innocently, then bounded off down the stairs.

When I came up with a warm towel for him ten minutes later, he loved it. I got an extra big (and extra-drippy) kiss for it. So even though it wasn’t a surprise, I know he still appreciated it. And I giggled to myself because it just felt good to do something out of the ordinary.

I dare you all to try this out this week, and let me know how it goes!

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