Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*I’ll just get this one off my chest first and foremost: I had a terrible day at work yesterday. I started crying even before I was safely in my car after clocking out. I sometimes feel like my job is killing my soul. Am I alone on this?

*Today’s workday hasn’t been much better. It’s a good thing I don’t have more than 5 cents on me because I would totally have given in and gotten a Diet Coke from the machine by now.

*I really need to get new shoes. The ones I’m wearing now are completely falling apart at the heel and stained permanently so that they are now the color of concrete dust. My birthday cannot come soon enough! 🙂

*My best friend Kayla is coming up this weekend. I seriously cannot wait! It’s been far too long since I’ve seen her…

*I’m tempted to forego the gym (again) tonight so that I can stay home and read The Help and mope about work. I figure that as long as I’m under my calorie goal, it works, right?

*No, I really should go to the gym tonight.

*But I don’t want to. But I should.

*Does anyone else ever have mental arguments with themselves?

*Remember how I told y’all about how I used to take frequent trips about every ten minutes to the drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle to pass the time at work? Well, the water fountain has since blown up (okay, it didn’t actually blow up, but that side of the workplace did), so I have now taken to fishing out the ash-covered plastic water bottles that used to go out into our pop machine, dusting them off, and drinking out of them. Is that weird?

*That’s weird. I’m sure of it.

*Every day that I’m here at my desk job, the little voice in me reminds me of how much more a writer’s life would suit me. Sigh. Someday…

*Sorry for the slightly depressing Tell-All today. It’s just been one of those weeks so far…luckily I have an awesome weekend to look forward to!

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