Tuesday Tell-All

Tell-All Tuesday

*We did it! We finally put up our Christmas tree! But y’all are going to have to wait until Thursday to see pictures 🙂

*This last week of classes is insane. I mean, the last two weeks of any semester are insane, but this week is esp. bad, probably because I’ve never attempted the whole working full-time thing during finals. Boo. You know it’s bad when you wish for the week to be over before it’s even started.

*My mom got Matt and I totally hooked on this new show called Once Upon a Time. It’s totally not the type of show I’d normally go for, but it’s so original that I find myself addicted. Curse you, television–always sucking me in with one more show.

*I should be finishing Chains very shortly. Technically I should have finished by today’s class, but I was about 80 pages short. Considering that I crammed in 110 pages in 55 minutes right before class though, I wasn’t too hard on myself.

*I got yelled at today at work for transferring a call to one of our salesman’s business cell. Apparently people don’t like that nowadays. Just 18 more days, Torrie, just 18 more days…

*I did, however, get free cake at work today due to it being a coworker’s birthday (luckily not the one who yelled at me). It was chocolate and caramel and delicious and just the perfect amount of sugar and fluff to get me past the usual 3 p.m. slump.

*After tutoring over at Petrice and Caleb’s tonight, I have a new food fetish: gingerbread men marshmallows. The people over at the marshmallow company are geniuses—first really huge marshmallows, and now this. This is what the future looks like, people!

*I think I pulled about 8 muscles while hauling fences around on Sunday. Please wind, be nicer from now on.

*I have to go work on this huge portfolio that’s due for my Assessment class. This assignment has been a thorn in my side all semester, and I can’t wait to have it over with. Except for somehow, I keep managing to put it off until the very last minute…

*I’m really excited about the guest post-er that’s doing tomorrow’s Mid Week Boost—she’s posting on something that I really, really need to work on.

*I was reading an article today on perfectionism and have decided that it’s something I really need to work on. I think I’ll start researching it a bit more and then do a little blog post about what I find. (In just writing that, I realized I probably made it sound like the most boring thing ever. I promise I’ll be more spicy and creative when I actually do it and that it won’t sound like the portfolio I’m about to work on).

*All right. Sigh. I’ve procrastinated long enough. Better go start working…

What are you all procrastinating this week??

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