Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*You wanna know the best thing ever to see when you’ve been really frazzled and stressed and droopy all day? Some random, gangly college kid with headphones dancing around like a skater without a board. Best. Thing. Ever.

*Remember how I’m tutoring my friend Petrice’s husband in math twice a week? Well, what I didn’t mention is the awesome deal I get out of it. For my (very minimal) tutoring efforts, I get two HUGE and DELICIOUS dinners a week cooked for both Matt and me by Petrice 🙂 . Tonight’s dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup and the best Greek yogurt parfait ever just made everything in my world seem right again. Petrice, you really are the best!

*Matt and I had an amazing Labor Day weekend; we loved spending time with our friends Kayla and Sam doing awesome things like playing tennis, having a Nertz competition, and enjoying (once again) two dinners that we did not have to cook (thank you, Kayla!). I feel so spoiled.

*Yesterday for our surprise Labor Day date (surprise because neither of us knew we were going on it until just shortly before), Matt and I went and saw The Help at the Providence theater. I was a little worried that the book’s integral message would somehow be slaughtered or misrepresented (like I’m always worried about book-to-movie adaptations), but I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted with this particular adaptation. I thought the movie was the perfect blend of humor and humanity, and it gave me a lot to think about (just as the book had). So, if anyone is looking for a good movie, you know which one to check out.

*Side note about Labor Day: it really comes at the perfect time of year, because after doing one week of school after not having done school for weeks, a busy student just needs a break.

*Remember how a couple weeks ago we couldn’t use the bathrooms at work? Well, it’s the same story again this week. Except this time, instead of just running to the nearby Maverik, I held it in for like, six hours. Not cool. I hate remodeling.

*Well, I’d better end this. The ironic part about me ending this is that I’m only ending it so I can go write another blog post (this one for class). So if anyone gets randomly interested in my thoughts on literacy and education, check out the blog that will be shortly appearing underneath my profile.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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