Tuesday Tell-All

Tuesday Tell-All

*What these pictures don’t tell you is this—for the past two days, my left eyelid has been mysteriously puffy and swollen. It’s almost imperceptible unless you’re looking for it, but it has been preventing me from wearing any other eye makeup besides just a little mascara. As I mentioned in this post about my thoughts on not wearing makeup, I am MUCH more comfortable with my “face” on. The past two days, I’ve had to experiment more with just doing a really bold lipcolor and hardly any eye makeup. I’m not sure if it will ever really become “my” thing, but I guess it will do for the present.

*About the puffy eyelid though—has one of yours ever puffed up randomly? What on earth could be the cause? And when can I start wearing eyeliner again?!

*Well, Matt and I have heard back from one of the five schools he applied to, and his application has already been denied. I’m totally bummed about it because it was actually the one that I thought would be the EASIEST of the five to get into, so the whole thing doesn’t bode well. I’m trying really hard to not panic and just let whatever happens happen, but after how hard my day at school was yesterday (the first day of the second trimester), I just don’t think I can handle this for another year. Sometimes I feel like total weak sauce because I let a bunch of 12- and 13-year-olds get to me so much. I mean, I just need to grow a thicker skin I guess so that their stupid antics don’t drive me so stinkin’ CRAZY.

*But how can they not when like yesterday, I catch a student writing in one of the classroom dictionaries one of those stupid little “search” things—you know, like “Turn to page 255 for a fun search.” And what has he done? He’s directed the search so that the student following along is turning to the pages with all the sex or reproductive anatomy words on them. I mean, really. How I’m NOT completely crazy yet is beyond me.

*Along with all the stress that’s come the last week from helping Matt apply to PT schools and trying to get this dang grading all finished for the final grade report, I haven’t been able to go running at all, which I’m sure has only exponentially increased the amount of stress I’ve felt since I have no way of blowing it off. So, in an effort to not put on stress weight, I’ve been trying out a new thing—during the work week, I basically haven’t been eating any sugar (or very, very little), and then I’ve just been having a little on the weekends (a couple bites of a milkshake here, a cookie or two there). And you know what? Running didn’t make me lose any weight, but going without sugar most of the week has melted off all those pesky pounds I’ve been trying to lose for a year. Go figure.

*I mean, I haven’t been able to fit into this pencil skirt in ages (despite running 10-15 miles a week), and all it took was about 10 days of sugar restriction to slide it back on. Body, you are SO weird.

*In other health-related news, ever since my visit to the GI doctor, I haven’t drunk a single Diet Dr. Pepper (or any other carbonated drink for that matter). It was largely because I felt guilty admitting to the nurse how much pop I was drinking a week (it didn’t help that she gave me a disapproving, judgmental kind of look—obviously SHE doesn’t teach 7th graders), but I’m still pretty impressed that I’ve managed to go from having a 20-oz. DP a day to not having anything at all (AND managed to not smack anyone. Yet.)

*And you know what? My stomach has felt LOADS better from just doing that. Once again, I almost feel stupid of how long it’s taken me to figure this body stuff out.

*Like I mentioned earlier, yesterday was the first day of the new trimester, which meant that all of our classes got switched around so the student mixes are all different (even for the kids who I have all year-round for Language Arts). My Spanish class is looking to be quite the nightmare though—not only is it a huge class for me (with 34 kids, every single desk I have is filled), but I only have eight girls in the class. And as far as the boys go? Over half are known to be major behavioral problems and/or kids who really, REALLY struggle with Language Arts (so why not throw another language at them, eh?). I keep trying to soothe myself with the knowledge that I’m just over a third of the way done with the year, but with no chocolate OR caffeine to give me a false feeling of comfort, I’m starting to have a deep sense of foreboding…

*(You know it’s bad when several of the most rambunctious boys shout right after the dismissal bell rings: “This class is going to be AWESOME!”)

*Sometimes I think that the only thing carrying me through the school day with sanity is the fact that I know I have a 35-minute drive home every day where I get to listen to Harry Potter on c.d….

*Speaking of audiobooks though, I am quickly realizing that there won’t be enough Harry Potter to last me the entire school year. I don’t know if you are an audiobook fan, but do you have any good audiobook recommendations? I’m SUPER picky about the readers, so basically the reader needs to be awesome (like the guy who reads the HP series) for me to get into it. Any suggestions?

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